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So I thought I would share a bit of a travel post with you guys, in which I want to share with you my top tips for long haul flights. This might seem like a strange topic but I think underpreparing for flights can result in you being very bored and easily agitated. I recently travelled to Africa, and feel I fully prepared myself for all scenarios on the plane. This way I was distracted throughout the flight and time seemed to go a lot quicker than I initially thought it would. The reason I feel it's important to be prepared is that there is nothing worse than landing at your destination feeling groggy and tired.

With long haul flights your normally on the plane for around 7 to 10 hours, that is a really long time to be uncomfortable for, and this is why I take full advantage of maximising my hang luggage. And I can always be relied on to have a bag overflowing with things for the flight, which is fine because the bag still fits nicely under my chair or in the overhead storage. If you get the choice of which seat to choose on your plane I would always choose an aisle seat. I've never been one to be to bothered about seeing how far off the ground we are, so being by the window doesn't bother me. Sitting in an aisle seat means you can get up to go to the toilet as many times as you want without having to annoy the person next to you, and I also find it gives you chance to stretch your legs into the aisle when your feeling abit cramped. A tip I was taught was to get up and walk around the plane every 2-3 hours, and this will stop any inflammation and swelling to your legs, ankles or feet. As we are not used to being sat down long periods of time. 

I also find dressing appropriately for the flight is important to. If I'm flying long haul I always make sure I wear comfortable clothes, normally leggings or jogging bottoms with some kind of easy slip on sandles or trainers. If I wear sandles I'll always make sure I put a pair of socks in my hand luggage just incase my feet get cold during the flight, and I normally have a pair of shorts in my luggage for when we land, if I'm going to a warm destination. And then on top I normally layer my clothes, making sure I have a vest top as my bottom layer incase it's really warm on the flight, or really warm when we land. I then pack an extra jumper in my hand luggage just incase they have the air con blasting. With most airlines you will be provided with blankets and pillows, however I find the pillows are really uncomfortable so I pack a mini memory foam travel pillow with me, therefore when it comes to sleeping I know I'll be comfortable.

So with most long haul flights food and drinks is included, the last thing you would want is to have to prepare a picnic for a 9 hour flight. And I find it really good that you get served hot food aswell, I just find it a lot more comforting and perfect for before you have a nap. You normally also get served free alcohol which again is pretty great, and an extra strong drink always helps if your struggling to sleep. However, just incase I do feel it's necessary to take a big bottle of water on the flight with me, this way I don't have to pester staff for a drink if and when I need one. Also I feel keeping hydrated through the flight stops you from feeling groggy afterwards. Obviously purchase this after you've been through customs else you'll have to get rid of it. With the food you get offered that many snacks and meals throughout the flight, don't feel it's necessary to over indulge on the first meal your given, as I find it always harder to get comfortable when your stuffed. Packing a bag of your favourite sweets is always good if you hate take off and landing, I find sucking a fruity hard boiled sweet stops my ears from popping. And they are perfect for when your chilled out watching a good film.

Then you also get free in-flight entertainment. The thing with in-flight entertainment is that the films and everything are great, there is such a large choice to select from but the headphones they give you are always rubbish,  I find the foamy covers fall off within two minutes of opening them, and the quality of sound is rubbish. So I think it's a good idea to carry with you a good decent pair of headphones, just to make the entertainment fully enjoyable. I normally take my Dr Dre beats headphones with me as I find them a lot more comfortable compared to in ear headphones. Even more so if you like to just listen to some music while you drop off to sleep, either from the in-flight entertainment or your own personal device. A good tip to remember if your flying back within the month, is that the in-flight entertainment will be the same, so don't binge watch on your way out or else you'll be extremely bored on your way home. Packing a book or an adult colouring book is a great idea for when your bored of technology.

I'm generally pretty rubbish at sleeping while travelling but I have found tips with flying that help me nod off a little better. Because if your flying during the night you need to get some sleep to keep your body in order, and if you've already done a lot of travelling before this flight you'll probably be shattered. So I always pack a eye mask with me, this way even if it's during the day, I can make it dark enough for my brain to think it's time to sleep. Also of course I have my memory foam pillow which makes it a lot more comfortable to sleep and stops your head from dropping off your shoulders every time you nod off. I also spray my pillow with a bedtime spray, either lavender or camomile fragrance, I find this helps me to relax aswell. I've also found its nice to have some relaxing music downloaded on your phone, I find meditation music helps me switch off, so having around 10 minutes worth of music normally helps me drift to sleep. Always a good idea if you struggle to switch off.

I always pack a bag of toiletries for the flight aswell. Over the years customs has become stricter and stricter and now I believe the rules are your only allowed to carry 10x 100ml or less containers of liquids or creams, therefore choosing which to take is quite difficult. 
So these are my 10 most important toiletries that I feel need to be packed.

-Foundation / BB cream decanted into a smaller plastic bottle
-Face cleanser / Miscellar Water 
-Vaseline / Lip balm 
-Face moisturiser 
-Nasal Allergy Spray
-Irritated Eye Drops
-Small pack of face wipes
-Small pack of baby wipes
-Hand sanitiser

I think it's pretty self explanatory why I take these products with me. I find it better to prepare myself exactly the same on a plane before I sleep as I would at home. So I take my make up off, moisturise and brush my teeth. And when I wake up I like to pop to the toilet and give myself a baby wipe wash and face wash just to freshen myself up. And reapply my make up so I don't scare anybody. I take nasal spray and eye drops as I seem to always react to dust when the air conditioning gets turned on, and it's always good to be prepared especially for those with hayfever or dust allergies. I would also pack paracetamol, antihistamine and ibuprofen just incase. 

Recently I've found carrying a portable battery charger has become a life saver not necessarily for on the flight as there is normally USB ports, but there is nothing worse than running out of battery while your waiting in the airport or on your transfer. And these nowadays can charger your phones and tablets.

If you pack all of these things I think you'll be pretty much prepared for the whole flight. Is there anything inparticular that you feel you need to pack? Any other tips you can share with me?

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