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How to win tickets to BBC Good Food Show 2016


So as I hit 5000 followers over on instagram this week, I thought I would run a giveaway across my social media accounts. The lucky winner will receive 2x Complimentary tickets for the BBC Good Food Show 2016 at whichever event they prefer. I have chosen to give this as a prize as I will be sharing the whole of my BBC Good Food Show experience with you on my blog and social media channels.

A massive thank you to everyone for all of the support over the last 18 months, I feel that as my blog has grown it has helped me grow as a person. I am continuously looking for
 ways to better my blog and bring you the content that you enjoy. Feel free to leave me a message below and let me know what you would like to see over the coming months.

I am running my giveaway through rafflecopter, to take part click the link below and follow the instructions. 

Good luck everybody!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


As today marks the launch of the TOPSHOP IVYPARK AW16 Collection I thought I would share with you the items on my wishlist. I love the IVYPARK range and I was quick to grab some amazing items from the SS16 collection earlier in the year. IVYPARK collections include fashionable sportswear for gym goers and sportspersons as well as to wear as fashion statements. It was inevitable that IVYPARK would become a massive brand as the items are influenced by Beyoncé herself. The SS16 collection sold out in a matter of hours, which is why I've grabbed this seasons items as quickly as I can. 
Head over to the TOPSHOP website now and grab the items you love. 

Below are the items I'll be getting my hands on for this season...








I love all of the above items and can't wait to start training in them. What items are you desperate to get your hands on??

Sunderland Safari Supper ..

This event was to help promote the launch of Sunderland Restaurant Week and I couldn't think of a better way to get people excited for discounted meals throughout Sunderland. Sunderland Restaurant Week is running from the 24th September to the 2nd October, and during this time you'll be able to dine out in Sunderland for £5, £10 or £15 depending which venue you choose. The event included visiting 5 different restaurants to try out the different food on offer, we had a mixture of Italian, Indian, Burgers & Cake. In each restaurant we had a different course, which I felt was a great way of trying new things.

Our 5 courses went abit like this:


First Course: Cafe Purple
Cafe purple was our meeting point for the evening, here we were presented with lots of different cocktails to taste along with the most spectacular cheeseboard I've ever seen. The cheese was accompanied with crackers, olives, grapes and some dips, honestly I could have sat and ate it all night. Cocktails wise, we got to try pretty much every cocktail on the menu, and I must say my favourite had to be the Paradise Mojito, it was really fruity and refreshing. The bar tended also made a Sour cherry cola bottle cocktail which wasn't on the menu, but was to die for, it tasted exactly like the cherry cola bottle sweets.


Second Course: Port of Call
Here we were presented with even more cocktails, due to driving I wasn't able to taste many of them at all, however the little sips I did have tended to be a lot stronger that I like. I love a cocktail that hides the harshness of alcohol, I find it much more enjoyable. We were then served some mini canapés and mussels. The mussels were served in a creamy garlic and onion sauce and a spicy tomato sauce. These were accompanied but some very miniature beef burgers, prawn blinis and some other canapés. Unfortunately nobody talked us through what we were eating so I stayed clear of ones that didn't look very appealing. I tried the mini burgers and a couple of the fish canapés. 







Third Course: Prosecco lounge & The Funky Indian 
On first entering we were presented with a rather nice glass of prosecco, not to sweet and not too dry. We were shown around the prosecco lounge, which had a very modern feel to it, and the owner explained how he had opened the lounge as something different. Especially as it's such a different environment to the Funky Indian downstairs. 
When taken downstairs to the Funky Indian I was quite shocked at how bright and colourful the room was. After a couple of minutes to chat, the waiter came over and explained to us the menu. This menu wasn't that of your normal Indian restaurant, this restaurant served Indian tapas styles dishes. Their menu has on it 46 different dishes inspired from all parts of India, which is why beef is also on the menu. From the menu you can choose to have 3/4 dishes per person for a tapas style meal or you can choose an item with a plate next to it and this can be served as a main meal. I loved this take on an Indian restaurant and each item we tried was so tasty. My favourite item had to be the sweet & sour fried cauliflower. 

"Celebrate life, eat, drink and be merry."



Fourth Course: Angelo's
This is the home of the world bests pasta dish for the second year running. Stozzapreti Con Salsiccia e Friarlielli consists of homemade pasta with speciality homemade sausage, friarielli, cream of provolone cheese topped with crispy sundries tomato bread. And it is beautiful I can see why it is award winning. Along with this we tried a couple of other dishes including stuffed chicken wrapped in prosciutto, a tomato, mozzarella pizza and a couple of different beef dishes. The staff here were really pleasant and I think that makes the place feel nice and homely. 


Fifth Course: Sweet Tooth Delivery
So after four previous courses, there wasn't a chance I could manage a fifth course. So I decided to take my dessert home with me, along with a piece for my other half as it would be unfair to eat cake without him. The choice of cakes in Sweet tooth delivery all looked devine, and it really was a tough decision. I decided on the Skittles rainbow cake, not only because I thought it would taste lovely but also because it looked very instagrammable. And that's how us bloggers think. For Sean I picked up the Reeses peanut butter stack cake, which he said was fab, and that was the day after I had picked them up. While I was in Sweet tooth delivery I decided to try one of their iced lemonades and went for the passionfruit flavoured one, I have never tasted anything as scrummy. I will definitely be going back for another one soon.

All in all this was a fantastic event and it really gave me a feel for what Sunderland had to offer during Restaurant Week. Thank you to Bernice from Sorted PR for organising the evening.

Where are you thinking of heading to over Restaurant Week?

"A change is as good as a rest."

 Smiling selfies do a great job of covering up what's really going on.

A few months ago somebody said to me "a change is as good as a rest", and instantly something clicked in my head. I was stuck in a rut and I needed a change. As much as I was really looking forward to my holiday that's coming up next week, I knew I was really unhappy at work, and as much as a weeks holiday would be great I would still have to return to somewhere I was starting to hate. For me this has been such a shame because I do absolutely love my job role and I have built great friendships with some of my work colleagues. However, a few months ago our store was bought by a new owner and new staff came in, and unfortunately we don't always get on with everyone we work with. Although this isn't your normal dislike, when somebody goes out of their way to belittle you in front of others and make you feel like you have zero ability, you need to get away from that negativity. I have worked really hard at my job over the last two years and am heading towards my 3rd promotion, but I now realise it's time for me to move on and start my career elsewhere. I suppose in a way I have been quite lucky because I have fallen straight into another job which I start in 3 weeks time, not only that but I'm currently luckily enough to have no major responsibilities that would have stopped me from handing my notice in. It must be so difficult for people who hate their jobs when they have families or a mortgage, it makes the ability of leaving that job so much harder.
The thing is you can't let someone else make you miserable. I used to love getting up for work on a morning, I would be the first one in and would immediately start prepping things for opening. Now, I have to drag myself out of bed 30-40 minutes after my alarm and end up having to rush to work. Not only that but because I've been knocked down so much for using my initiative I now feel like I don't have the passion to put that extra effort into things, I feel like I should turn up, do my job and then go home. But that's not me, and that's not what I believe in. Unfortunately over the last couple of months I also feel like things have started to effect my home life, I have been super grumpy which isn't great for my family or Sean, I've paid less attention to my blog because I feel very disheartened which is silly because my blog is doing really well at the moment. And also my fitness levels have plummeted, don't get me wrong I haven't gained loads of weight or anything like that but I have put on a few pound through comfort eating and lack of motivation to workout. 
I haven't wrote this blogpost to get sympathy, if that's what it sounds like. I have written this, one to show you why I haven't been overly active on my blog recently but mainly to say if your not happy with something, leave it. Whether that be a job, a friendship or a relationship, negativity does awful things to your confidence and your not going to be happy if you have a grey cloud above you. And that's exactly how I have felt recently, like no matter what I'm trying to do I feel there is this grey cloud lurking over me and that is just the thought of having to go back to work. 

But luckily this feeling is starting to drift away abit, a lot of people have commented on the fact my mood has brightened and I seem more positive and that is all because I know on the 5th October I start my new job. Eek. And the team I am going into seem so lovely and welcoming, I almost don't feel nervous just full of excitement. 

Don't get me wrong I don't wish that I had never worked where I have or anything like that, because without these life lessons we can't learn what's good and what's bad and we can't grow from them. I am walking away from this job with a handful of close friends that I know will stay in touch with me. And there is always endless opportunities to meet up and eat cake (: But I also know I am making the right decision, along with not being the only one that has had enough and decided to leave, I feel a massive relief for already making my decision.

All happy thoughts from here, next week I'll be chilling for a week in Majorca for my rest, and in just 3 weeks I'll be making my change to my new job.
Have you ever been through something like this? Any tips to get me through the next week weeks?
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