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28 August 2016

The Garage Spa ...

I've been looking forward to writing this post for a long time, because every time I visit The Garage Spa I fall more and more in love with the place. I've always loved a good pamper and spa day, but since they transformed this place, it has become my favourite spa to visit. And I think that is down to the fact that its a nice and exclusive spa, your not swamped with loads of people using the facilities at the same time as yourselves. Which makes it a lot nicer to relax with friends and family and have a nice chat rather than being sat in facility rooms with people you don't know making it a bit of an awkward atmosphere. Also the staff are so friendly and inviting, they go out of there way to make sure that we are all content and to see if we need anything. Which is always great because that's the perfect opportunity to ask to enjoy a glass of wine/prosecco as you chill.
There's a few things about The Garage Spa that have really stood out for me over my numerous visits, so I thought I would share those with you in this post.

First of all I wanted to talk about the pricing at the Garage, normally when you plan to book a spa day or package you also know that its going to burn a pretty big hole in your bank account. We are not talking small amounts, I've been known to spend just shy of £200 on a spa day before, and yes that includes food as well but it's pretty steep for just one day. Whereas at Garage Spa I always seem to get a very good deal, whether it be an afternoon session with light lunch, or an evening session with prosecco and nibbles. I very rarely spend much over £50 and I always leave feeling pampered. If you check out the Garage online over at , you will see the large range of offers and packages they have to offer. The package I've used the most is probably the Girl's night in package, this is available every thursday evening between 5pm-9pm I believe and it's only £49 per girl. I love this package because its the perfect after work catch up with the girls, you get full use of all the spa facilities, a 25 minute treatment, and nibbles and prosecco towards the end of the evening, you can't say no to a glass of bubbles after a good pamper. I've also tried a couple of the other packages and they've all been equally as great. Recently, my sister booked me in for a full spa day when I returned home from Kilimanjaro, with this I received 3 treatments, a mud bath experience, a pedicure and a full body hot stone massage. And with this we also got a 2 course afternoon meal. As I didn't book it I'm not sure of the full cost but I was told it was extremely reasonable for the amount I had done. Honestly, you wouldn't be disappointed if you signed up for one of the packages.

Location, is another thing that makes The Garage so convenient for me to visit as well as others.. As the spa is located on the A66 at Greta Bridge it is so handy for me to visit as I live about 5 miles away. Which means its very easy for me to get a lift to and from the spa, which is always great when you want to have a glass of prosecco. So it is perfect for me as it's so close to Barnard Castle, but I also think it is well located for alot of other people to visit. With the A66 being such a busy road, you wouldn't expect to have a nice tranquil spot like Garage Spa less than 400 metres from the road side. Thousands of people travel up and down the A66 each day, and it is a well known road, making the Garage easy to locate if your not from the surrounding areas. Also, with the Garage being part of The Morritt Hotel it is becoming a very well known spot, yet still had that exclusive feel.

Finally, the staff at the Garage spa really do make the experience more enjoyable. I am lucky to know some of the staff that work there quite well from living locally, however this never changes the service I receive. They are all very professional and friendly and are more than happy to help throughout your visit. From the reception staff who organise your whole day from start to finish, they produce an itinerary for you so you know where your expected to be and when, they give you a walk round the facilities explaining what you can gain from each room and answering any questions you may have. And even though they give you a print out of your itinerary they also come and find you 10 minutes before your treatments or food just as a friendly reminder, as it's so easy to lose track of time. And then throughout your visit they will pop round and check to see if your okay or if you would like anything from the bar, and if so this just gets added to your bill at the end of your visit, which is great as you don't want to be carry valuable around the spa wi
th you. Then there's the trained beauticians, and beauty therapists, all of which are highly trained and very professional. For some it may be a bit nerve racking going for a treatment as most people don't feel that comfortable taking off their swimwear in front of strangers, however the girls at the Garage try and make you feel as comfortable as possible and give you plenty of time to get yourself sorted. Also, the quality of treatment you receive is second to none, I haven't had one treatment there that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed.
Also, there is the kitchen staff over in the Morritt hotel, whether it be just nibbles or a two-course lunch, the food is always cooked and prepared to perfection with perfect presentation.

Time after time I continue to visit the Garage Spa, and each time I thoroughly enjoy myself. I would recommend here to any age group who are just looking for a lovely spot to relax. I have visited both with friends for a evening pamper, a hen do and a family pamper session, and each time its fitted the criteria perfectly. So get booked up and see if you enjoy it as much as I do, also they sell gift vouchers which would make perfect birthday or Christmas presents.

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