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Newcastle Restaurant Week ... Marco Polo

With it being Newcastle restaurant week last week it would have been rude not to indulge. Myself, Zoe and Kayleigh decided we would head out on Thursday night and see what was on offer, unfortunately we were pretty unorganised and without thinking about booking a table till Thursday afternoon we ended up missing out on a couple of places we would have liked to visit. Oh well there's always next time.
We decided to go to Marco Polo's, who were offering 2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £15. When you think about it that is a fantastic deal, how many restaurants do you go in nowadays and a main course can be easily over £15. 
The decor of the restaurant was very modern, we were sat by the window so we could get good lighting for our photos, typical bloggers.
Obviously the deal wasn't spread across the whole menu, but a fair variety of dishes were offered to us. And it was the perfect opportunity for me to try something new.
The service from the staff was brilliant, we weren't left for long before our order was taken and we were regularly asked if there was anything else we needed. Food was served pretty quickly and it was pretty obvious that most of it was freshly made.

Okay so from the menu this is what I choose...

Chicken & Fontina croquettes, Tomato and Nduja.
The only way I could think to describe these, is like fish cakes but with chicken instead of fish. They were so scrummy and the sauce had just the right kick to it.

Chargrilled Swordfish, Panzanella Salad.
Salad is normally the most boring option on the menu, but when its mixed with olives, avocado and crunchy croutons and topped with a lovely piece of grilled swordfish, then it is well worth ordering. I had never tried Swordfish before and was pleasantly surprised, its a very meaty fish and went really well with the oilyness of the salad. I will definitely be ordering it again.

For someone who loves coffee and ice cream, this is the perfect dish. And I am pretty surprised I haven't come across it before. The base of the shot glass is crushed up amaretti biscuits, topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, and on the side you are served a freshly made hot espresso. You pour the espresso over the ice cream and voila!! Coffee ice cream with a crunch, perfect finish to a lovely italian meal.

The whole experience at Marco Polo's was fantastic, service, food and company. I love that Newcastle restaurant week has found me a new place to dine. Where did you try? I'd love to know ready for next year.

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