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Introducing the new compact from Clinique, Super City Block Foundation.
I was lucky enough to not only get a full colour application of Super city block after a stunning facial by the gorgeous Clinique girls in Fenwick's Newcastle, but also I got the chance to try out the product at home.
The facial I received left my face feeling super cleansed and refreshed, I will be posting a detailed description of it in the upcoming weeks. I attended this Clinique with the beautiful Zoe from Zotonixe, check out her blog to see what she thought of the product.

Obviously different foundations suit different people, it all depends what look you desire. I personally prefer a product with full coverage that's going to last all day, I also like something that's easy to apply. I don't mind having to top my make up a little during the day, but I'd rather it looked like I still had make up on come 7pm rather than looking bare faced. Unfortunately due to working in air conditioned building and going to the gym I really struggle to find a foundation that lasts all day. For me things like bb creams and tinted moisturisers aren't my favourite products as I feel they have very poor coverage for day to day life, however on holiday they are fantastic to smooth over your complexion when you've got a tan. I also like to use the same product day time and night time, I dislike mixing products as my skin disagrees with it.
Recently I've had a bit of a dilemma. I have tried so many different products, and currently have 7 different foundations open as I can't decide which one u prefer. It's so strange that you get colour matched at each different make-up stand yet no two bottles match in colour. It's so hard to find a product that's not too pale, not yellowy or doesn't look too orange. And I've hunted a lot of different brands. Majority of the time I go for bottle foundations this way you can choose how much of the product you are putting on at a time, I don't believe I've tried a foundation compact before. 
I must say at first I was a little dubious about the Super City Block Foundation compact, only because normally compacts contain powder so my thoughts were it was going to be a product that felt very powdery on, with very little coverage. I couldn't have been more wrong. The sponge inside this compact holds so much moisture, and the make up sponge picks up quite a lot of product on each application. With this compact you really don't need much product, the coverage is excellent, even though the product feels so light on your skin. The lady who did my colour application showed me half my face with and the other without the product and I couldn't believe the difference, and like I say the product feels weightless when on.
Over the last week or so I've been trialling this compact at home, work and out and about, and I must say it is the perfect item to carry around in your handbag, gymbag or glove box. This is my honest opinion and not just me trying to sell the product. I never realised how much previous products weighed on my face, it's so refreshing this has that full coverage that lasts without having a heavy feel and look. 
I must hand on heart say that the best things about this product isn't that it's got full coverage, or that it suits my skin colour well. But the fact that this product includes sun protection factor 40, which from my knowledge of beauty products, is a first. Looking through the foundations in my make up box, most of them have the highest sun protection factor of 15. It really is a massive difference. What is the point in trying to make your skin look the best you can by giving it full coverage and flawless makeup if your not looking after your skin in the first place? I think that's what makes this the perfect compact, an all round great foundation that helps protect your skin at the same time.
It's a winner for me.

 I wear shade number 02. The Super City Block compact retails at £30, which is pretty reasonable I believe. If your interested in purchasing this product head to Fenwicks Newcastle's Clinique counter and go have a chat with Jen, Amy & Laura. They will show you just how good the product is as well as colour match you for your best shade.
In the photos above I am wearing the City Block compact in shade 02, topped up with Clinique loose powder shade 04. On my cheeks I am wearing Bashful Blush 120 and on my lips Berry Pop 15. This lip product is to die for, I'm not normally one to wear a heavy lip colour but this matched my look perfectly. And lasted all night.
Let me know if your going to give this a go.
My wishlist product from Clinique at the moment is the Sonic brush, what items are you after?

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