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Hi Guys! Tonight I wanted to reach out to you all about how excited I am that the Olympics start in just a few days. On the 5th August the Olympics will be starting in Rio. I find this really exciting, because not only do I love to participate in sport but I also love to watch it, especially the Olympics. Its such a shame they only happen every 4 years, because I think they are such a great way to motivate people to participate in sport. After a lot of thinking I have decided to create the hashtag #riosuperfans and by doing this I am hoping to get more people involved in sport inspired by the Olympic Games. This is going to be such a great opportunity for parents to get children involved, and for ourselves to feel motivated to get active. 

So between the 5th - 21st August I would love for people to use the hashtag #riosuperfans on all social media sites to show off how creative and active they are getting this summer. This can be something as simple as going out for a run and taking a selfie after or hashtagging your route, to creating Olympic like games with your children in the garden or maybe even a family competition. Or why not try something you've never done before? I mean how many of us have actual took part in fencing before? Is there a facility near you where you could get involved? These don't have to be solo activities either, why not get the girls together for a netball match?

I am honestly super excited to see what comes of this, and I'm on the hunt to find new sports I can have a go at too. Check out the video above to see Panasonic team up with team GB for a good giggle and a little reminder of how fun participating in sport can be. This challenge isn't for GB supporters only, this is for absolutely anyone to get involved with, I would love to see how many different nationalities I can get involved in this. This is also in no way a competition, just a little bit of fun to get us all a little bit more active this summer. Feel free to post as many images as you like, I really hope this helps people find the motivation they need to get active.

Get hashtagging ##

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