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Kingslodge Inn, Durham.

Although County Durham is quite a large place, it becomes quite difficult deciding where you want to eat on a weekend. Over the last couple of years I've started to take a real disliking for chain restaurants, simply becomes the quality of food from local pubs and bistros is much better and alot more reasonable. I feel like chain restaurant food is prepacked and just ready to microwave, if this is what I wanted then I would just buy a ready meal from the supermarket and cook it myself, I also feel like there is a much nicer atmosphere in a well kept local restaurant.

This week I got the opportunity to head into Durham city and try out the food at the Kingslodge Inn. I had heard of Kingslodge hotel before but didn't know it had been revamped.
On approaching the venue, we were quite stunned. You are welcomed by a cast iron arch and a driveway up to the carpark, where we past the front beer garden, this is somewhere I would definitely like to revisit in the summer. The inn is such a stunning building, if you didn't know it was in Durham city it would look like it had just been pulled out of the picturesque countryside.

On entering the Inn we were greeted by a couple of members of staff that were really welcoming and polite, for me when out dining, service is just as important as the food. I have to make a massive deal about how great the service was on that evening. every member of staff we dealt with was polite and helpful. They couldn't do anymore, they helped us choose by giving us their recommendations, they had a general chat with us and constantly made sure we had everything we needed. For one of the girls it was her first night and you honestly couldn't tell, she seemed very confident and so smiley all evening.

When visiting pubs or inns your never to sure what to expect on the menu, at the Kingslodge the choice of food was quite large. I was shocked when I saw the amount of choice on the menu, especially more so after I had tasted the food as it was all very nice and you could tell it had been cooked fresh.
On the menu there was around 8-10 starters, 20 mains and again around 8-10 desserts, there definitely was something for everyone.

I went with my friend Zoe who generally has the same taste for food as I do, we both ordered the same for starter and main, however we ordered different desserts.

For starters we went for the deep fried potato skins with garlic mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, I am a massive fan of potato skins especially the little crispy ones. These were really well seasoned. The sweet chilli sauce was brill, not sure if it was fresh or not but it did taste great. You got a pretty big plateful for just a starter.

For mains we went for Thai Red Curry, served with naan, rice and chips, which was the curry of the day. If I had had a choice I would definitely just have got the rice and not chips as well.  The portion sizes for the mains are pretty big, I could have happily had a main on its own and still been stuffed. You got a large bowl of the thai curry, probably one of the best I've had, it was super creamy with just the right amount of kick. As much as it was a chicken thai curry it was also packed full of broccoli and runner beans. very nice. It was also  served alongside basmati rice, 2 small naans and a portion of chips. The quality of food was superb, along with the quantity. I loved this dish, and would like to return and try what other curries they make.

So for puddings we both ordered differently, I went for the Knickerbocker glory and Zoe went for the Strawberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake (Cheesecake of the day). Again these were pretty large portions, with both desserts you could tell the ingredients were fresh. With my knickerbocker glory it was jam packed with fresh strawberries and topped with the loveliest thick vanilla cream. What I thought was great about the cheesecake was that they had a different flavour each night, which is great for those who love cheesecake and want to return and try something different.

I would most definitely visit the Kingslodge Inn again, the food was brilliant and the service really topped off our evening.
Thank you for such a great experience.

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