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Harissa Kitchen, Sandyford.

A massive thank you to the guys at Harissa Kitchen for inviting us to try out their new evening menu. Harissa has recently opened its doors in Sandyford, Newcastle.  Harissa Kitchen was created my Food Nation, a leading food and nutrition social enterprise that is based in Newcastle. Their vision is to inspire people about good food and they focus on working with some of the most disadvantaged communities in Newcastle. Their aim when opening Harissa was to demonstrate what a successful and economically viable takeaway looks like and how it operates. I didn't realise how much thought had gone into the creation of Harissa Kitchen. The development was focused around 3 main issues; health, environment, and socio-culture.
Firstly there is the health side of things, the idea is to create a menu that offers a nutritionally balanced, seasonal menu that is free from trans-fats.
Secondly, there is environment. Harissa are worried about the issue of litter of food wrappers from takeaway restaurants, so to prevent this they complete litter picks within a 0.25 mile radius of the restaurant.
And last but certainly not least they ensure their working conditions, pay and training are all above that of the minimum standards. They actually offer pre-apprenticeship training placements for those aged 16-25 who are not in education, employment or training.

I know this is probably alot to take in when you originally thought this was going to be a restaurant review, but without knowing all of this information you wouldn't be able to understand how this restaurant could be the start of a new craze. Healthy eating is a very popular trend at the moment, and I think Harissa has picked the perfect time to open this restaurant. I know personally I would much prefer seeing more places open like Harissa than greasy kebab shops.
Talking of kebabs, this is the perfect moment for me to introduce you to the menu available at Harissa Kitchen, Sandyford. The menu has range of different items influenced by the Mediterranean and North Africa, I can hand on heart say there isn't one item on the menu that I tried that I wouldn't order again. I thoroughly enjoyed everything, and I did try quite a lot. 

On arrival we were served drinks and nibbles, the nibbles included Spiced Roasted Nuts, Marinated Olives and Harissa House Pickles.
For the main course you could either choose 3-4 small 'tapas' style plates or a kebab with 1 small plate. On our table there was me, Jen and Tasha, and between us we decided to get a different kebab each and then to get 4 small dishes to try.
I went for the Slow Roasted Shoulder of Pork kebab with apple, grilled spring onion and crackling. And the four small plates we got were, Steamed Broccoli, Crispy Aubergine, Halloumi and North Yorkshire Air Dried Smoked Ham, Pancetta and Spicy Salami. Obviously these aren't items you would order from your normal takeaway shop, but they were super tasty. Hands down the Crispy Aubergine was the best dish of the evening, they were served with feta cheese which together melted in your mouth. I loved how different the kebab was from your normal greasy takeaway, it was so light but filled with flavour. I didn't feel at all bloated after the meal I just felt nice and comfortable.
For pudding I went for Chocolate Ganache Tart, not sure if this was healthy, but it was lovely.

Top marks for originality with the restaurant itself and the menu. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening and I will definitely be visiting again soon. I hope if any of you are in Newcastle you head to Harissa Kitchen and support this local business.

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