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Dome8 Review ....

I'm pretty obsessed with music and I always love to pop my headphones in whether it's while I'm walking to work, in the gym or travelling. I find there's nothing worse than when you look in your handbag and you realise you've left your headphones at home or you find your headphones are there but they are in a massive tangle that takes ages to sort out.

I think I've finally found the answer to being able to listen to music on the go without any hassle, and that's the dome8 phone case, as seen in VOGUE. I received this phone case just before I travelled to Africa in June and it's never been off my phone since. I choose the pink and white design as I thought it looked quite cool. The design of the case is quite modern with bright block colours, the case does look a little bulky at the back but once you understand the reason for it then it makes sense. So the idea of the case is to be able to carry your headphones around with you at all times aswell as keeping them tangle free. The case has a rubber section at the back that hold your headphone wires without getting them tangled, there is then two small holes that your headphones fit into, keeping them attached while your on the go. The only downfall to this design is that they only fit iPhone headphones and I quite like using better quality headphones. I'm not sure if this is the same for other models of phone though as I've only tried the iPhone 6 case. Over the last few weeks I have used this case while travelling on 6 different flights as well as while walking up and down Kilimanjaro, I've used it during all of my workouts and found it so useful as so many times I forget to take my headphones with me. It's also been great while ive been on lunch breaks at work because I can pop my headphones out and watch a tv series if I get bored, or listen to music while I have a walk around. It's so simple and easy to use but brilliant at what it does.

How to use: 
Using this case is pretty simple, on putting the headphones in the case firstly you pop the headphones into the case, and then you wrap the cable around the holder ensuring the headphone jack is tucked inside the case.
When using the headphones, you unravel the cable and then pop out the headphones, and close the holder.

Currently dome8 cases are compatible with iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhoneSE, iPhone6 & iPhone6s. With versions for iPhone6 plus, iPhone6s plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 coming soon.
The cases are available in a range of colours black/black, white/black, pink/white, blue/black and green/black.
Cases retail at £14.95 which is great value for such a good product.
Honestly for anyone constantly on the go, this is a must have item. 

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