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Apologise for the absence..

So my page will be a little quiet over the next two weeks. For the simple fact that I will be in Tanzania climbing Kilimanjaro. I would love for you to take this time to look back on some of my older posts, this way you'll see how far my blog has come. Be warned there will be lots of amazing comment coming as soon as I arrive back in the UK, and hopefully I will be launching my first ever blog.


When I received the invite to this event I wasn't really sure what to think. I hadn't been to an event like it before, however I'm willing to give anything a try, so agreed to attend.  
The event was hosted at the ARC Stockton, somewhere I hadn't attended before, and in honesty I didn't really know much about the place.  After this experience, I will definitely be returning to this venue. I brought my sister along to this event, as she had always asked if she could attend an event with me. It definitely got a thumbs up from her.
One thing that really intrigued me with this show was that the entry fee was actually a 'pay what you desire' event. This for me is a pretty daring thing to do, at the risk of making pretty much nothing. After seeing the show I can imagine that that isn't the case at all, however I loved that they had taken the risk. 
Made Up is all about friendship and the faces we show the world. It was created by renowned Birmingham theatre company Stan’s Cafe, who spent time in the North East meeting groups of women (and a few men) and talking to them about their relationships with make-up and how it affects their day-to-day lives.
The play takes place on a film set, where Kate, a young film star, is being made up. She is on the edge, acting in front of the camera and making up stories in her private life.
Sue is applying the make-up and attempting to cover up the cracks; she is older and possibly wiser but on the edge herself, with a host of unresolved issues and people to make up with. This time together is their one chance to make things right; they are made up to have found each other.
The play uses a sequence of dynamic live make-up applications as Sue transforms film-star Kate into each of the characters she takes on. Throughout the show the audience get to see clips from some of Kate’s movies.
At first I found the play a little confusing, but I found that to be my own fault as I don't think I paid enough attention to detail at times when I really should have. When it all finally started fitting into place, I found the show really interesting and I loved how it brought together the relationship between the two actresses.
After the show we got to meet the stars of the show, this was an amazing experience for me as every single member of the show was so down to earth and friendly. It was brilliant to be able to hear what brought them to the show and also their opinions on blogging and vlogging. And they showed a huge interest in us aswell which made a massive impact on me.
You guys have to check out this show if you get the chance, it's well worth a watch! 

Beauty/Fitness Blogger Tag

A huge thank you to Emma at Harmony Blaze for the tag. Love getting involved with bloggertags and this one is just down my street at the minute. Really starting to experiment with new beauty products.

Name your three gym bag beauty essentials?
I'm going to name probably the most obvious but without it we'd all be right sweaty bettys. A good deodorant is essential in my gym bag. I am a 'Right Guard' fan but other than that I just go for what is on offer. 
Second would definitely be a good lip balm, normally Vaseline. I find the air con really dries out my lips and skin, and nobody wants chapped lips.
My third is probably a bit strange for some, but I have to have a hand cream in my gymbag. Lifting weights tend to rip the skin on my hands, so I find using hand cream as I leave the gym stops them from becoming dry. It also seems to help them heal quicker.

What brands do you trust to last a long day out & about?
I absolutely love Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, I have used it for years. I love that it gives a natural look and also lasts for hours. It's my go to foundation for when I know i'm heading off to the gym. Its great for the gym because its really light, don't want anything clogging your pores while your sweating in the gym. Or I must say I am becoming a big fan of Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, its very lightweight yet has great coverage and gives you a lovely healthy glow.

Do you save or splurge when it comes to beauty brands?
I spend what I think is necessary, I love high street brands and designer brands. If I really like something I will pay whatever. I have foundations ranging from £5-£50 per bottle, if its a good product I'm happy to pay for the best. 

Primer or no Primer?
100% Primer everytime

What is the best tip for keeping your skin looking good after the gym?
Always clean your face after the gym! Even if its just with a cleansing face wipe, its amazing how much dirt you can pick up in the gym. And I mainly blame air conditioning for that. Also so many people use the different machines each day, and we regularly touch our faces without registering that we have, goodness knows how much dirt we pick up on our hands in one gym session.

Naked or Smoky Eye?
Naked! I'm not a great fan of eyeshadow.

Snow Angel or Bath Bomb?
Bath bomb I would say. I love to relax in a beaut bubble bath if i'm suffering with DOMS.

Best skincare tip?
A charcoal face mask once a week. Perfect for a deep cleanse.

For this tag i'm going to tag the lovely Lauren from whatlaurenlovess & Kayleigh from The Original Red Head , two girls who definitely know a thing or two about beauty products.  And i'm going to ask them to answer the questions below. Good Luck Girls.

What are your top 3 make-up staples that you always have to wear? 

What is your favourite drugstore brand? 

Smoky eyes or a strong lip? 

What is your skincare routine? 
What is your best make-up tip? 
What is your favourite facial feature?
What is your favourite lip shade to wear? 
First make-up item you ever bought?

Ninja Burger VIP Event

Nights like this are exactly the reason why I blog, the chance to try out new things and give your opinion, and the opportunity to meet new people that you immediately build a friendship with. 

This invite was right up my street, as much as I'm not a massive burger fan, food is my number one love. It does become quite difficult juggling a full time job and a blog at the same time, but tonight was well worth jumping on the train after work, as not to miss it. 
Ninja Burger had launched at bar 28 in Newcastle and that's were the nights event was held. I was so impressed with the venue. Difficult to find, however this paid off as the interior inside gave the impression of an enchanted forest, thumbs up to whoever the florist was because the floral displays were fantastic. 

The event involved the opportunity to sample the menu on offer, in the shape of small sliders. First up was a standard beef burger, with a pickle like mustard and red sauce served in a brioche bun, and secondly a popcorn chicken burger with a chilli sauce & Mayo in a brioche burger. The beef burger was lovely, almost like a very upmarket Big Mac however the meat was a little too pink for my liking, forgiving that I would definitely have it again. The popcorn chicken burger was amazing, honestly the best chicken burger I have tasted. Unfortunately I may have inappropriately labelled the chicken as #moist, however looking back I think I should have gone with tender as a much better description. The chicken had the texture of thigh meat, very juicy and easy to eat, served with a nicely heated chilli sauce, not too hot. Overall I was pretty impressed with the food and would definitely try it again, however some samples of the other items on the menu would have been great too.

Following our samples, we then got to watch two eating challenges. The participants were all men from the local area, I was pretty disappointed that there were no girls involved mind. The two eating challenges were a chicken goujon roulette flavoured with different amounts of ghost chillies, and a burger eating challenge including 5 large beef burgers and a side of fries, the challenge here was who could eat the most in 3 minutes, or maybe 4 it was whatever the drunk guy with the microphone decided upon. Speaking of the drunk guy with the microphone, this guy was an absolute legend and his banter was on top form. He definitely got the night going.

At the event I met up with Jen one of the north east bloggers I had met at the Fenwick's beauty event, I love that I've managed to build a friendship with someone through blogging. It makes the effort of changing plans and rushing to events worthwhile. I also got to meet two of the other North East bloggers, Zoe & Kayleigh, within minutes of meeting them it was almost like I'd known them a lot longer. On our table we were in fits of laughter all night and shared lots of similar interests, ofcourse mainly blogging. Washed down with a couple of glasses of prosecco, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. 

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