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Whenever I talk to somebody about my blog, they always ask 'Why do I blog?'
So I thought I would write a small post on exactly why I blog. 

I started blogging about 18 months ago after a conversation with my close friend Lauren from WhatLaurenLovess. This conversation was the first time Lauren had ever told me she had been blogging, and at first I hadn't a clue what it really involved. After quite along discussion she had quite easily persuaded me into starting up my own blog, at this point in my life I had been quite successful in my weightloss journey. Within the last two years I had dropped 3 stone and Lauren had been really supportive of my transformation, this is why she had encouraged me to start a fitness and diet blog showing other people my results and how I had achieved them.
I started my blog by setting up a separate Instagram account where I started sharing my transformation photos, and images of the products and accessories I had used throughout my journey. After a couple of months I built up the confidence to start my own blog which I named PrettyLittleGymAddict, and from there I started posting about my diet, my workouts and recipes. At first I loved that I could share my gym and food posts without the sarcastic comments from friends who didn't quite understand what I was trying to achieve. It was nice for it to be abit of a hidden secret that only very few people knew about. Over the months, alot more people have become aware of my blog, and that has been bloody nerve wrecking. But I have finally come to the conclusion that if somebody is following me it's because they have an interest in what I am posting, if they don't then there would be zero point in following me. And if they are just following to have something to chat about to their mates, then again that's great because they are helping increase my followers. Win win.

But the question is 'Why do I blog?'
The reason I blog has changed alot over the last 18 months. At first I started it because I was proud of the results I had achieved, I wanted to show off my transformation but also I wanted to help other people start theirs. That's why I started sharing my top tips and workouts. Over time my love for blogging has grown massively, and on a daily basis I plan my day to day plans around my blog. I have been known to spend hours making a meal, just to create a photgraphic plate. And I put together a matching gym outfit just to get the perfect gym selfie. Now the reason I blog is because it's something I love to do, I now can't imagine not doing it. I love sharing the things I'm interested in and socialising with new people with the same interests. I have met some fantastic people through blogging, and I would never have met them if I hadn't set up PrettyLittleGymAddict. Through blogging I have attended some amazing events, before blogging I would never have gone to London Fashion Week, or got involved with some of the beauty and fashion events that I have. I understand that my blog content has changed alot over the last few months, but by only sharing fitness and diets posts I was only showing you all a small snippet of my life. Therefore I have started sharing a lot more of my interests. I don't consider myself a beauty blogger or fashion blogger but I will post about some fashion and beauty related items. I now class my blog as a food, fitness and lifestyle blog. Even so I still don't think I am a professional in any of these categories, I just view my own opinions on things I am passionate about. Everyone has a hobby, and blogging is now my favourite hobby.

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