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Laura Mercier Flawless Face Masterclass ...

Unfortunately I didn't get as many photos as planned.

As part of Fenwick Beauty Week I got the opportunity to attend the Laura Mercier masterclass on Saturday. This was something I was really looking forward to as I am a massive fan of most make-up items but when it comes to applying them I'm probably not the best at it. I love to find about new techniques and how many different way there is to apply the same make-up. As we all know not every technique works for us all.
With most make-up I was a little sceptical at first, but was very willing to see how the make-up applied. I'm glad I did as I was really surprised with the results.
The masterclass was based on the flawless face products, aiming to give a nice summer glow without looking heavy. As much as the make-up didn't look at all heavy, the products still lasted all day. I am current using the Foundation Primer and Tinted Moisturiser. I can apply both on a morning and I don't feel like I need to top it up during the day, which is a blessing when your on the go all day.
Below I'm going to go through a basic step to step of how to create the Laura Mercier Flawless Face using the tips I learnt.

Preparing the face.

Onto a cleansed and fresh face we apply
Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil to prep the skin, this oil leaves the skin with a hydrating glow adding a natural highlight to the skin. 
Then use
Infusion de Rose Nourishing Crème as a moisturiser before applying make-up, the smell of these Rose products is beautiful, not too potent.
A great tip I was taught was to scrub your lips with a warm toothbrush and then apply
Infusion de Rose Nourishing Lip Balm and leave on over night, for a supper smooth lip. During make-up application always apply a balm to get a super smooth surface, almost like a primer for your lips.

The Base
Foundation Primer with either fingers or a sponge, this tutorial only uses brushes for blusher. Apply all over the face to get a flawless finish.
Then apply
Tinted Moisturizer, also with fingers or a sponge, this product is really easy to build up if your wanting fuller coverage, and gives a real healthy glow.
Set the base with 
Translucent Loose Setting Powder on a velour puff. And pat over the face, the patting motion stops you from moving your make-up.

The Added Extras

To finish off the look you use 
Secret Concealer to correct any blemishes or marks on your skin and those dreaded dark circles around our eye. The coverage of these products is amazing, the secret camouflage can even cover up tattoos, so you can imagine the coverage it gives to small blemishes. The Concealer is great to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes as it has pink tones running through it.
Finish off with 
Crème Cheek Colour to give a good blush to the cheeks and a lovely rose
Lip Glacé, the pink tones in the blush and lip add volume to the bronzed summer glow from the tinted moisturiser.

And there you have a beautiful flawless summer look.


There are so many great things to achieve with blogging, and my favourite thing has to be the collaboration opportunities. I was delighted when TOPSHOP asked me to work alongside them with the IVYPARK collection launch. TOPSHOP is one of the most popular highstreet stores, and I was delighted to see they were finally releasing a activewear collection. This collection suited my style to the T. As much as this collection is designed to be Activewear, I can guarantee most items can be pulled off on a day to day basis aswell. The V neck T-shirt looks great with a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers. And the oversized hoodie comes in handy for those cold nights when you want an extra fashionable layer.
 If I could have purchased the whole collection I would have, but as expected everyone went crazy when it launched and some of the items I really wanted were sold out before I got chance to get them . Above you can see some of the items I purchased from the collection, alot of the items I purchased are grey, simply because it's a colour I love to wear. I also choose items that could be worn to workout in and to chill in throughout the day. I don't doubt that my collection will increase when payday comes round.
There isn't one item I dislike in the range, which is why I thought I would share with you my wishlist of which items I would like to purchase next.

Baseball Cap: Caps are all the range at the moment, I love the colour of this one by IVY PARK. Caps are great in and out of the gym, they are great to keep your hair out the way while exercising, and can also finish off a day time outfit.

Sleeveless Logo Body: Along with everybody else who has shopped the IVY PARK collection, this was the item I really wanted. Probably because it's the one Beyonce featured in. I tried my best to get my hands on it but my sizes were sold out.

Zip-Through Hoodie: I love how versatile this hoodie could be. This could be great for going to and from the gym in, but also great matched with some jeans and sneakers. Also another grey item that I love.

Fenwick Beauty Week..

This week presents the launch of Fenwick Beauty Week, I was extremely lucky to be able to attend the blogger launch evening of the beauty week, last week. I met some of the lovely North East bloggers at Mason & Rye for prosecco and nibbles before we then got the choice of which beauty house we would like to visit within Fenwick. This was a great opportunity for us to experience what was going to be on offer over the course of Fenwick Beauty Week.

I choose to attend a Brow and Lip tutorial at Chanel, followed by a 'power nap' facial and Kendal Jenner themed make over by Estee Lauder. Both of which excelled my expectations,
First of all I attended my brow and lip tutorial at Chanel, Mel my make up artist taught me how to create a subtle yet very effective brow. And then showed me the effects we could create with the brand new Coco Rouge Style, which has been newly launched this last week. I'm not overly creative when it comes to lipwear, but Mel taught me which colours would most suit my skin and eye colour.

I then went on to have my 'power nap' facial at Estee Lauder. This included the Advanced night repair products, using the night repair mask, aswell as toner, cleanser and an oil balancing moisturiser, followed by a make over using my all time favourite foundation, Double Wear. This product is great for medium to full coverage and I use it on a day to day basis.
For us this is just the start of Fenwick Beauty Week as there is so much on offer over the next week.

 I have decided to add the schedule below:
Monday 9th: Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Ultimate Make-up lesson.
Tuesday 10th: Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Summer Make Up Demonstration.
Wednesday 11th: Laura Mercier Flawlesss Face Make-Up Tutorial.
Thursday 12th: Lancome Masterclass with Elite MUA-Marc Sinclair.
Friday 13th: Charlotte Tilbury How To Achieve The Golden Goddess.
Saturday 14th: Laura Mercier Flawless Face Make-Up Tutorial.

I am lucky enough to be attending the Laura Mercier Make Up Tutorial on Saturday, let me know if you'll be attending any of the events as it would be great to meet you all.

Roo x

Why do I Blog ...

Whenever I talk to somebody about my blog, they always ask 'Why do I blog?'
So I thought I would write a small post on exactly why I blog. 

I started blogging about 18 months ago after a conversation with my close friend Lauren from WhatLaurenLovess. This conversation was the first time Lauren had ever told me she had been blogging, and at first I hadn't a clue what it really involved. After quite along discussion she had quite easily persuaded me into starting up my own blog, at this point in my life I had been quite successful in my weightloss journey. Within the last two years I had dropped 3 stone and Lauren had been really supportive of my transformation, this is why she had encouraged me to start a fitness and diet blog showing other people my results and how I had achieved them.
I started my blog by setting up a separate Instagram account where I started sharing my transformation photos, and images of the products and accessories I had used throughout my journey. After a couple of months I built up the confidence to start my own blog which I named PrettyLittleGymAddict, and from there I started posting about my diet, my workouts and recipes. At first I loved that I could share my gym and food posts without the sarcastic comments from friends who didn't quite understand what I was trying to achieve. It was nice for it to be abit of a hidden secret that only very few people knew about. Over the months, alot more people have become aware of my blog, and that has been bloody nerve wrecking. But I have finally come to the conclusion that if somebody is following me it's because they have an interest in what I am posting, if they don't then there would be zero point in following me. And if they are just following to have something to chat about to their mates, then again that's great because they are helping increase my followers. Win win.

But the question is 'Why do I blog?'
The reason I blog has changed alot over the last 18 months. At first I started it because I was proud of the results I had achieved, I wanted to show off my transformation but also I wanted to help other people start theirs. That's why I started sharing my top tips and workouts. Over time my love for blogging has grown massively, and on a daily basis I plan my day to day plans around my blog. I have been known to spend hours making a meal, just to create a photgraphic plate. And I put together a matching gym outfit just to get the perfect gym selfie. Now the reason I blog is because it's something I love to do, I now can't imagine not doing it. I love sharing the things I'm interested in and socialising with new people with the same interests. I have met some fantastic people through blogging, and I would never have met them if I hadn't set up PrettyLittleGymAddict. Through blogging I have attended some amazing events, before blogging I would never have gone to London Fashion Week, or got involved with some of the beauty and fashion events that I have. I understand that my blog content has changed alot over the last few months, but by only sharing fitness and diets posts I was only showing you all a small snippet of my life. Therefore I have started sharing a lot more of my interests. I don't consider myself a beauty blogger or fashion blogger but I will post about some fashion and beauty related items. I now class my blog as a food, fitness and lifestyle blog. Even so I still don't think I am a professional in any of these categories, I just view my own opinions on things I am passionate about. Everyone has a hobby, and blogging is now my favourite hobby.
© Pretty Little Gym Addict

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