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Welcome to the family Duke ...

As a blogger, it becomes the norm to share pretty much all of my life story with you. At the end of the day that's kind of what blogging is about. So I thought it would be cruel of me to not introduce you all to the newest addition of my family, Duke. Anyone who already follows me over on instagram @prettylittlegymaddict will have noticed that my profile is slowly being taken over by super cute puppy photos. This super cute puppy is Duke.

 Duke is an 8 week old blue whippet puppy who has come to live with us in his forever home. He moved in with us last Saturday and it has been a struggle to leave his side ever since. I am not one for being soppy or clingy but this little cutie has completely stolen my heart. Originally we were going to rescue a dog, it's something our family have wanted to do for awhile. Unfortunately, 3 of us have allergies to long haired animals so choosing a breed became a really tough decision. It was only because some friends of ours already had two whippets that we knew our allergies were at bay around them. It was also through these friends that we learnt how kind natured whippets are. And that made our decision for us. When we found out that there was a new litter of pedigree whippet puppies due nearby my mum jumped at the chance of getting one. Coincidentally mum really wanted a blue whippet dog, and the litter produced one blue whippet dog and 5 other bitches. Still to this day i'm not sure why she choose a dog over a bitch, but having met Duke, I'm so glad she did. 

I have decided to keep you up to date on his progress, since he is now part of the family. He has his first puppy training class tomorrow, and the last of his jabs in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to be able to take him out, and over time get him trained to go running with me. For now I'll let you admire his cuteness but we will keep you updated.

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