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I love the opportunities blogging has brought me, especially those that are food related. Last week I got offered the chance to try out the newly released menu at Revolution in Newcastle, an opportunity I couldn't refuse.

So last Friday me and Sean headed to Revolution to give this new menu a try, Sean was the perfect person to accompany me as he has the same love for food as I do. As we had both trained hard all week we decided we could afford to use the night as our cheat meal and overindulge a little. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in Revolution, as much as it was pretty busy due to is being a Friday evening, it was in noway rowdy and the staff made sure we had everything we needed and checked on our table regularly. All the staff were really friendly and efficient. 

Below are the items we tried out:

Mezze Board
tortilla chips, chicken skewers, chorizo, houmous, goat's cheese bon bons, garlic dough, guacamole.

The Mother Clucker
beef burger, corn battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, spicy chorizo sauce, sweet potato fries, crispy onions,smokinnaise, bbq fries.

So to start we choose the Mezze board to share, we are both savoury fans and would much rather choose starters over desserts, and majority of the time we normally get a sharing starter, simply because we have the same tastes. I loved this starter, especially the variety of flavours included, I like that it was quite light but super tasty. I especially liked the freshness of the crudites with houmous and guacamole.
It was a good job the starter was nice and light because we certainly choose the biggest main available, I'm not normally a burger person, but on Friday it was just what I fancied. This one took my fancy because it had so many different flavours in it. And anything with sweet potato fries is a winner for me. As much as there were so many flavours in this meal, they all complimented eachother really well. And both myself and Sean cleared our plates.

As much as we were there to taste the new menu, I couldn't stop myself from trying out the drinks menu. There was a certain cocktail that caught my eye, and that was 'Blank Canvas' this was a mix of vodka, lemon juice and sugar, that you could then add any flavour of shot to. I have never seen such a range of shots to choose from, these ranged from cola to strawberry, jammy dodger or bubblegum to peardrop. I choose Cream Soda flavour, and it was amazing, it took me straight back to being a kid with an added kick of vodka. I could have happily stayed and sampled many different flavours but unfortunately we were both working the next day.

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