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Product Review / Crobars by Gathr

When I got offered the chance to try the new Crobars by Gathr, I jumped at the chance.
 My love for fitness and dieting is always beaten by my love of food, so when I am introduced to a product that is great for me and tastes good, then its always a winner. 
I do need to get one thing straight with this product, yes it is made from crickets!
Crazy? Right! Food habits change and adapt over the times, and now seems to be the perfect time to introduce this kind of product. Right now protein intake is one of the highest trends in the fitness world. And if I was to tell you that crickets give us just as a high a level of protein as beef. then you would probably think I had lost the plot. In fact crickets can sometime give us a higher level of protein than beef, not only that but they contain all 9 essential amino acids, 3x more iron that beef and they give us high levels of B12 vitamin.
Insects, like crickets, contain more healthy fats than meat, and make a great alternative protein source.

So you already think i've gone abit nuts telling you that insects are actually really good for you, but don't think I've lost it when I tell you that these products that include cricket flour actually taste pretty good too. I have tried the Cacao & Cricket flour bar and the Peanut & Cricket flour bar, both of which I am a fan. I love the nutty flavour of the peanut bar, perfect for a post workout snack, and I enjoyed the Cacao bar alongside a coffee as a nutritious mid-morning snack.

These are definitely going on my shopping list in future.

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