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TOPSHOP: Ivy Park Haul

This is the first of two posts I will share with you about the TOPSHOP Ivy Park collection, next week I will follow it with 'The versatility of Ivy Park'.
I felt privileged to be asked to work alongside TOPSHOP on the launch of the Ivy Park collection. TOPSHOP is one of my favourite high street brands, and I have recently planned a lot of my outfits around their items in store. And the fact that the collection has been co-founded by Beyonce sold me straight away. I also loved that the collection is aimed around activewear, as an avid gym goes I am always looking for new items I can wear for the gym or fitness classes.

 This launch was always going to be huge as it is co-founded by the One and Only Beyonce, and from my experience of waiting 10 hours to be able to order my items, I could tell that it was a lot bigger than ever expected. Unfortunately due to the popularity of the launch I was unable to get my hands on all of the items I was after, but I'm hoping to grab them in the future if and when they come back into stock. In all honesty it was pretty hard to choose which items to choose as there was such a large range of items. From looking back at previous launches, some ranges only include around 10-14 items, however Beyonce started hers off with 111 items. I loved how many different choices there were within the collection, the range varies from your black, white and greys, to more vibrant greens, blues and pinks. And from t-shirts and hoodies to flip flops and headbands.

In the end I settled with the above products, I dont doubt I will continue to add to my collection. As you can see from my collection above I am a massive fan of greys and whites, they are colours I tend to wear on a daily basis. I choose my items around what I would wear on a daily basis, as I work full time, I spend majority of my spare time in the gym. Therefore items for the gym were high up on my list to purchase. This is why I choose the v-back mesh bra, drophole arm vest and logo leggings, these items are perfect for both cardio and resistance workouts. I also wanted a couple of items that I could use as day time outfits aswell as something to chill out in, this is why I choose the oversized hoody and the oversized v-neck tee (all items are linked below each photo).  Looking through the Ivy Park collection and looking at the quality of the items I have received, I would definitely say that the items are great value for money. The items are of great quality and the sizes are true to size.

The next item on my Ivy Park is most certainly the Sleeveless Logo Body, this is an item I was desperate to get my hands on as I think it would make a great daytime outfit matched with some high waist boyfriend jeans with plimsolls. And I definitely want to pick up one of the logo baseball caps, as I think they would look great both in the gym and as a daytime outfit.

Im looking forward to showing you some of the outfits I have put together using these items, this post will go live next weekend, so check back to see what I have matched with these items.

Thanks for listening.

Reviewing Revolution Newcastle ...

I love the opportunities blogging has brought me, especially those that are food related. Last week I got offered the chance to try out the newly released menu at Revolution in Newcastle, an opportunity I couldn't refuse.

So last Friday me and Sean headed to Revolution to give this new menu a try, Sean was the perfect person to accompany me as he has the same love for food as I do. As we had both trained hard all week we decided we could afford to use the night as our cheat meal and overindulge a little. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in Revolution, as much as it was pretty busy due to is being a Friday evening, it was in noway rowdy and the staff made sure we had everything we needed and checked on our table regularly. All the staff were really friendly and efficient. 

Below are the items we tried out:

Mezze Board
tortilla chips, chicken skewers, chorizo, houmous, goat's cheese bon bons, garlic dough, guacamole.

The Mother Clucker
beef burger, corn battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, spicy chorizo sauce, sweet potato fries, crispy onions,smokinnaise, bbq fries.

So to start we choose the Mezze board to share, we are both savoury fans and would much rather choose starters over desserts, and majority of the time we normally get a sharing starter, simply because we have the same tastes. I loved this starter, especially the variety of flavours included, I like that it was quite light but super tasty. I especially liked the freshness of the crudites with houmous and guacamole.
It was a good job the starter was nice and light because we certainly choose the biggest main available, I'm not normally a burger person, but on Friday it was just what I fancied. This one took my fancy because it had so many different flavours in it. And anything with sweet potato fries is a winner for me. As much as there were so many flavours in this meal, they all complimented eachother really well. And both myself and Sean cleared our plates.

As much as we were there to taste the new menu, I couldn't stop myself from trying out the drinks menu. There was a certain cocktail that caught my eye, and that was 'Blank Canvas' this was a mix of vodka, lemon juice and sugar, that you could then add any flavour of shot to. I have never seen such a range of shots to choose from, these ranged from cola to strawberry, jammy dodger or bubblegum to peardrop. I choose Cream Soda flavour, and it was amazing, it took me straight back to being a kid with an added kick of vodka. I could have happily stayed and sampled many different flavours but unfortunately we were both working the next day.

Product Review / Crobars by Gathr

When I got offered the chance to try the new Crobars by Gathr, I jumped at the chance.
 My love for fitness and dieting is always beaten by my love of food, so when I am introduced to a product that is great for me and tastes good, then its always a winner. 
I do need to get one thing straight with this product, yes it is made from crickets!
Crazy? Right! Food habits change and adapt over the times, and now seems to be the perfect time to introduce this kind of product. Right now protein intake is one of the highest trends in the fitness world. And if I was to tell you that crickets give us just as a high a level of protein as beef. then you would probably think I had lost the plot. In fact crickets can sometime give us a higher level of protein than beef, not only that but they contain all 9 essential amino acids, 3x more iron that beef and they give us high levels of B12 vitamin.
Insects, like crickets, contain more healthy fats than meat, and make a great alternative protein source.

So you already think i've gone abit nuts telling you that insects are actually really good for you, but don't think I've lost it when I tell you that these products that include cricket flour actually taste pretty good too. I have tried the Cacao & Cricket flour bar and the Peanut & Cricket flour bar, both of which I am a fan. I love the nutty flavour of the peanut bar, perfect for a post workout snack, and I enjoyed the Cacao bar alongside a coffee as a nutritious mid-morning snack.

These are definitely going on my shopping list in future.

Welcome to the family Duke ...

As a blogger, it becomes the norm to share pretty much all of my life story with you. At the end of the day that's kind of what blogging is about. So I thought it would be cruel of me to not introduce you all to the newest addition of my family, Duke. Anyone who already follows me over on instagram @prettylittlegymaddict will have noticed that my profile is slowly being taken over by super cute puppy photos. This super cute puppy is Duke.

 Duke is an 8 week old blue whippet puppy who has come to live with us in his forever home. He moved in with us last Saturday and it has been a struggle to leave his side ever since. I am not one for being soppy or clingy but this little cutie has completely stolen my heart. Originally we were going to rescue a dog, it's something our family have wanted to do for awhile. Unfortunately, 3 of us have allergies to long haired animals so choosing a breed became a really tough decision. It was only because some friends of ours already had two whippets that we knew our allergies were at bay around them. It was also through these friends that we learnt how kind natured whippets are. And that made our decision for us. When we found out that there was a new litter of pedigree whippet puppies due nearby my mum jumped at the chance of getting one. Coincidentally mum really wanted a blue whippet dog, and the litter produced one blue whippet dog and 5 other bitches. Still to this day i'm not sure why she choose a dog over a bitch, but having met Duke, I'm so glad she did. 

I have decided to keep you up to date on his progress, since he is now part of the family. He has his first puppy training class tomorrow, and the last of his jabs in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to be able to take him out, and over time get him trained to go running with me. For now I'll let you admire his cuteness but we will keep you updated.

Bloggers London Fashion Week Event ...

On 21st March, myself and Lauren from whatlaurenlovess were invited down to
London for the Bloggers London Fashion Week event at the Provision Studios. This was a great opportunity for us both to chat and meet with fellow bloggers aswell as talking to the representatives of some really great brands. I myself took alot away from this event and it was great to learn alot more about products than you would from picking them off the shelf. Each individual brand took so much time to talk about their products, the ingredients and the ideas behind the presents.And majority of the brands gave us samples to take away with us. This is such a good idea as it's great for brands to advertise their products and great for us as bloggers to get to try the latest products to hit the market. A win win situation.

The event was situation in a lovely edgy building underneath a railway arch next to Hoxton station. I loved how the rooms were set out as they made use of all the space available. I also like that the building itself was quite small as it made it feel alot more welcoming to me.

What I loved most about this event was that there was such a huge range of variety, this event wasn't just for fashion bloggers or solely for beauty bloggers. The range varied from fashion and beauty to diet and fitness, with a mix of accessories and electronics.

The list of brands was endless but some of my favorites to chat to were:
UFIT Drinks, a company supplying protein drinks and collagen drinks, both of which tasted lovely.
Berrywhite, a low calorie refreshing drink in either still or sparkling. These are delicious served chilled when you've got a bit of a sweet tooth.
Paul Mitchell, the wonderful Amy styled my hair, as seen above, I loved this side bun put up.
Jones and Jones, their dresses were just beautiful, and they had a range of so many different styles.
LAB 2 BEAUTY, gifted us with some lovely make-up brushes. I honestly can't wait to give them ago.

I would recommend any bloggers who are just starting up or who have even been doing it awhile to pop along to one of the Blogger Hangout events, they are well worth the effort. 

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