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Winter Tag ...

Winter Tag.

Huge thank you to Lauren at for the tag, I am really looking forward to sharing with you all my favs and dislikes of winter.
Hope you enjoy.

1. What is your favourite winter drink? 

This definitely takes me back to my childhood, I would say either a good milky hot chocolate or a hot ribena. I remember as a child when I came in from playing in the snow my mum would always offer me a Cadburys Hot Chocolate, I still use the same hot chocolate powder now. And if I was ever poorly I used to always have a hot ribena, and for some reason I always link being poorly and full of cold to the winter months. 
Still to this day if I'm struggling to get warmed through I always venture for one of these. 

2. What is your favourite winter accessory?

Definitely my trench coat. Whenever I'm off work, its the only coat I'll wear. Obviously I don't wear it to work because it would be a complete waste. The reason I love it so much is that it can be dressed up or dressed down. I find I can pop it on with a night time outfit and it doesn't play it down, and I can wear it for shopping trips and meals and I don't look over dressed. I went for the light grey colour just because I knew it would go with everything, it will definitely be in my suitcase for London Fashion Weekend.  

3. Do you have anything else planned for Winter? 

Yes,Yes,Yes. In six weeks time I'll be jetting off to St Anton, Austria. Every year I go skiing, it is my far my favourite hobby, we normally go in January so having to wait till march this time has been really tough. I am desperate for a holiday. For me, skiing is the ultimate winter experience, I can't wait get my ski's on. But I also can't wait to enjoy Rum Hot Chocolate on the mountain side and participate in Apres Ski. Not only that but I love skiwear fashion, and this year I have some absolutely gorgeous Sweat Betty Skiwear :) What's better than looking good and being cosy warm at the same time?

4. What is your essential beauty product throughout Winter?
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, I swear by this product, I talk about it all of the time. This is a product my mum introduced to me yearsssss ago, and I've used it ever since, it even featured in my Top Beauty Products post a couple of weeks ago. I find in Winter no matter how hard I try to prevent it, I always end up with such sore dry lips. And this product works absolute miracles on them, I use it morning and night and it really does keep that sore flaky skin away. I also use it on any other cut, scrape, or dryness that I have, I pop it on before bed and it works magic while I sleep. Perfect for callus skin from lifting weights. 

5. What is your favourite Winter memory?

I have to agree with Lauren on this one, my favourite memories were definitely the snow days we used to have when school was closed. We were lucky this happened most winters because we live in such a small town, and the teachers always lived out of town that the snow used to stop them from getting in. This was a perfect opportunity for pretty much everyone and anyone to meet on the same hill (the desmesnes) to go sledging. We would be out for hours, the cold would't stop us from chucking ourselves down the hill on anything that would slide, if we got too cold we'd go get a take out hot chocolate and then carry on. Take me back to being a kid :(

6. Do you have any Winter traditions? 

I feel winter is very much a very family orientated season for me. I seem to spend a lot more time with my family during December and January, probably because of Christmas, and because the weather prevents us from doing much. I quite like this though because sometimes I feel like I drift away from my family a bit when things get too busy, and I seem to be non stop in summer.

7. What do you dislike about Winter?

Eurghhh. This year's winter seems to be going on foreverrrrrrr. I hate that I wake up on a morning for work and it still looks like its the middle of the night, and then I also return from work in the dark. I find it really hard to get motivated when I see nothing of the daytime. I feel my fitness level decreases in the winter aswell because I can't just pop my trainers on and go for a run when I finish work, because it's too dark and really unsafe to be out running. And I struggle to find the get up and go, to go to the gym aswell. Bring on spring.

8. What is your worst memory of the snow?

My worst memory of snow, has actually probably got to be this December just gone. Unfortunately when driving to work one morning I skidded on the ice and crashed my car into a brick wall, luckily I was unhurt and just abit sore, but it has completely knocked my confidence as a driver. I constantly feel like something is going to happen whenever I am in the car. Always be wary of black ice when driving in the winter months.

9. What is your favourite thing about Winter? 

Being toasty. This sounds so daft, but in Winter I love nothing more than being tucked up in blankets sipping a hot drink. Or soaking in a red hot bath. Every other season of the year I would much rather be cooler than warm, but in Winter I can't wait to get rid of that awful chill, and feel toasty.

10. What is your most hilarious memory of Winter?

My most hilarious memories of winter would probably have to be my first two skiing trips, I was lucky enough to go Skiing with school and me and Lauren always put our names down. I don't think there is one story more hilarious than another but both trips had me in tears of laughter. From me crashing into a whole school of children and wiping them out, getting blood wagoned down to the bottom of the mountain when a teacher fell on me, to getting absolutely smashed off litre bottles of wine with the teachers, to Lauren having to get old men to help her when she fell over, getting stuck under a ski lift and so many more funny stories. I'd love for us to go skiing again.

I've really enjoyed this winter tag, I am going to tag:


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