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Lots of people always ask me how I keep to a healthy diet, the truth is, I don't always. But when I do its because I surround myself with healthy food. If I know I need to be good I head to the supermarket and do a super healthy shop. I thought I would share with you my normal shopping list.

MEAT & FISH: Chicken breasts and thighs (lots of them)
Turkey mince & Turkey Steak (replace beef mince in recipes with turkey)
Rump Steaks (Red meat only once a week)
Tinned Tuna (great for taking for lunch)
Smoked Salmon
Any fresh fish fillets

FRUIT & VEG: As much as your heart desires.
Avoid white potatoes go for sweet potatoes instead.

BREAD: Try Gluten-free bread, whole wheat or Rye Bread. Avoid White, pointless carbs.

Always go for full fat DAIRY products.
Greek Yoghurt/Natural Yoghurt (always get unflavoured, you can add your own flavourings, reducing the amount of additives massively. Flavour with honey, nuts and seeds.)
Almond, Coconut, Rice / Hazelnut milk. (Great substitutes for cows milk)
Eggs (lots of them) 2 Eggs for breakfast each morning.

SNACKS: Carrot sticks. Celery or Cucumber & Houmus
Naked fruit bars
Quest Bars
Protein Shakes
Cottage Cheese
Rice Cakes & Peanut butter

DRINKS: Avoid alcohol if your trying to be good.
Avoid bottled pop and flavoured waters, again add your own flavours to filtered water to avoid the extra additives.

Plan your meals, your much less likely to go off track.

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