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Minty Coco Review ...

Minty Coco is a coconut oil pulling product, used to help whiten teeth and freshen breath. Anyone who knows me knows that I have spent the last few years being very paranoid about my teeth, so after some major reconstruction this product has come in really handy to help brighten my smile. I’ve been using the product every morning as personally I feel like that worked better for me, and left my mouth feeling fresh for the rest of the day.

Oil pulling is pretty on trend at the moment along with other whitening techniques, I mean who doesn’t want a crystal white smile. So the instruction for Minty Coco were to swill your mouth and teeth with the product for 5-15 minutes. I found pulling the product through my teeth very cleansing. At first the texture is really strange but after a couple of minutes you get used to it. I have previously tried oil pulling before and I must say I much prefer Minty Coco to normal coconut oil, mainly because of the lovely fresh flavour, it makes such a difference.

After the first day of trying Minty Coco I felt a huge difference in freshness, I am a coffee fanatic, so being able to drink gallons and still have a fresh feeling in my mouth was great. It took a couple of days to see the whitening effect but it was definitely there, after using it for around 10 days the change became very obvious. I will definitely be continuing to use the product, and will be purchasing my next box this weekend. If anyone has ever thought about trying the product, honestly go for it, there is nothing better than a fresh white smile. It’s such a simple process that I believe will make a huge difference to some people, at the end of the day a beautiful smile is the most stunning feature a person can have, in my opinion.

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