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Preparation has begun, Kilimanjaro in 6 months ...

So in 6 months time I will be setting off to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. This trip is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and it's going to be an opportunity for me to find myself. I can't quite believe that it was 6 months ago that I shared with you that I had applied to do this, those 6 months have flown by, and I really haven't done enough to be prepared. 

To take part in this trip I have to raise £3500 for vision aid overseas, in order for them to fund my trip. Fundraising has been hard because I really don't like pestering people, and I completely understand that people work hard for their money, so why would they want to donate their hard earned money. So far me and my family have ran cake & chutney stalls, my 84 year old gran is knitting scarves and making birthday cards to sell for me, we also ran a xmas raffle with some fantastic prizes. So far I've raised around £1800 but still got lots more to raise.

As much as I am not fully prepared, I have started preparing some things. I have been out and purchased my walking boots and my thermal coat, as well as some thermal layers to take with me. I was lucky to receive a few Christmas presents that will help me out massively on my travels. One of which being a book called 'Kilimanjaro Diaries' by Eva Melusine Thieme, i've recently started reading this and I have already gained alot of information from it. Unfortunately some of that information was that I choose to travel at probably the worst time of year, due to it being mid rain season. Yikess. The best thing about this book is that it's written by someone who is quite down to earth, its nice to have some tips from someone who has actually done what I am going to do, rather than text books written by someone who has never done it.

Fitness wise I do think I am prepared, I am trained to a fitness level where I can complete a half marathon in just over 2 hours, I have climbed several mountains in the lake district over the last few years and I keep myself fit and healthy on a day to day basis. I train in the gym 5-6 days a week and follow a pretty clean diet aswell. I am also going to be doing a couple of training sessions in an altitude chamber before I go, i'm hoping this may help my body deal with the altitude a little better. 

I've also updated my camera to an Olympus Pen E-pl7, so i'm hoping to take some pretty awesome shots while i'm out there. You'll have to pop back when I return to see my photographs :)

Over the next 6 months i'm really going to have to pull my finger and get my stuff sorted. My flights have been confirmed and I will be leaving on the 16th June, I am so excited for this adventure. We need to realise that we only live once, we need to make sure we do everything we want to do, while we have the chance. I have also decided that while I'm out there I'm going to keep a journal, I had thought about this previously but since reading 'Kilimanjaro Diaries' I know its something I definitely want to do now. This way when I get home I can share it with my family and friends that are interested to know what I've been up to. 

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