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My favourite ab workout ...

I thought I would share with you my favourite ab workout, this is what works for me and I really hope it helps you guys out.

20 x Ab Crunches, 
ensure your not lifting yourself any further than 12 inches. Keep your hands at the side of your head, refrain from pulling at your neck.

15 x Cross Crunches, 
repeat with opposite side.

20 x Russian Twist,
lift your feet off the floor and tense your abs, you will automatically try and keep your balance, which instantly burns more calories.

15 x V-sit ups, 
again try and keep your abs tensed to keep your balance. You should be trying to reach for your toes.

20 x leg raises, 
don't let your feet touch the ground between reps.

30 x bicyles, 
keep at a good steady pace, there is no need to rush.

Finish with a 60 second plank.

I like to repeat this 3 times throughout my workout. If your just starting out in the gym try just one set, and as your progress and an extra set into your session. You should be able to feel the burn, if you don't then your not performing the exercises correctly.

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