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I must have been good last year ...

Not sure what I did to be so lucky this year, but Santa really did spoil me. As some of you might have seen in my previous 'Dear Santa' post, I had written a letter to Santa asking for a few things that had caught my eye, I was so unbelievably lucky to have received each and everyone of the items on my wishlist, much to my surprise. 
I received the Olympus Pen E-pl7, I now feel like a proper blogger, and I am so surprised at how much different the quality of my images are now. There will indeed be loads more photos in my posts now that I have the ability to take high quality photographs. And with this new camera, I have decided to show you a few images of the other items Santa brought me this year.

My other half knows the way to my heart. Now nobody can steal my nutella, and pretend they didnt know it was mine.

Some friends just know me too well. Unicorn slippers for my chilled days blogging.

By far my favourite scent of 2015, Marc Jacobs Decadence. And the bottle is simply stunning.

Sweaty Betty Ski thermals are a must to look great on piste. I can't wait to use these in Austria in March.

I saw InTheFrow snapchat about his palette months ago, and have since really wanted to try it. Recently, my naked palette has died its death so this came just in time.

Everyone needs converse. They finish off a casual outfit, and are great for nipping out in. My other half choose these in blue as I have a slight obsession with everything blue at the moment.

These to you may look like any macaroons, but in fact they were delivered from the most stunning patisserie in Brighton, Julien Plumart. I've already grown to love the salted caramel macaroons they make, however each and everyone of these were incredible. Definitely the best I've ever tasted.

So I do already own a spiralizer, but this one has a lot more extras to my very basic one. A spiraliser is a great way to make healthy food alot more appealing to the naked eye, I got a recipe book to go along side this one, so look out for food posts in the future, using both the spiralizer and the recipe book.

I honestly feel so overwhelmed at the kindness of my family, boyfriend and friends. This post isn't to brag or gloat, just a post to share the things I received at Christmas. To some my gifts may be pointless or uninteresting, but to me they all come into use in my day to day life. 

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.


  1. I don't think we ever grow out of loving Santa. What fab presents! Oh, a proper camera. I still rely on the crappy one for blog shots that comes bundled on my Samsung phone. I know I should invest in better as good pics make such a difference to the eye catchiness of your blog, but hey how, lol! I love the unicorn slippers. I've never seen anything quite like them! 😊 Tracey x


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