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Happy New Year from PLGA ...

Welcome 2016. 
2015 has set some very high standards, I hope this year can keep up. I have loved 2015, so many great things have happened for me. I managed to reach my 3.5 stone weight loss, I am overwhelmed with my results, and love the new me that has come out of it all. I have so much more confidence than I used to, I've always been loud and boisterous, but now I feel like I look good, I put alot more effort into getting dressed up than I ever have before. 
This time last year I set my goal to run the Great North Run 2015 in under 2:10:00, I completed it in 2:08:11, and was in the best shape I've ever been. After a few months out of race training, I am looking to get back into it this month. 
Last year, I signed myself up to climb Kilimanjaro in June 2016, this is going to be my biggest challenge yet, but i'm so ready for the challenge. 
Work is going great, and i'm two weeks away from qualifying as an Optical Consultant Level 2, and already have the path set out that I want to follow.
My blog is slowly and surely taking over my life, and I am more than happy with that. I am so lucky to work alongside some amazing people, and the support network I have is overwhelming. There have been a couple of times I have thought about stopping and jacking it in, but luckily i've had the right people by my side to talk me out of doing that. It would have been something I would have lived to regret.
Last night we ended 2015 with a fantastic night, and today I am welcoming 2016 with open arms, I cant wait to see what it has to offer.

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