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Toning up with Slendertone.




So Christmas is now over and as much as you've probably had the best time with your friends and family, I'm guessing you've indulged a little bit too much. We all love a bottle of bubbly, an extra few pigs in blankets and all of our favourites out of the quality streets. But if your like me, you'll now be feeling like a bloated whale dreading getting dressed up for New Years Eve. I've faced facts and realised my outfit for NYE is going to be a little tighter however I have put myself in the mindset that in 6 months time I'll be sunning myself in Marbella so there is no way I want any wobbly bits.

As well as eating healthy and exercising 3-4 days a week, ice also decided to I corporate the Slendertone. Slendertone is the world leader in EMS technology, their products are clinically proven to improve muscle strength, tone and body shape. Which is exactly why I have decide to incorporate it into my fitness regime. I love exercising and I'm quite a fan of healthy eating, however I've never been able to get my core nice and toned. I've heard so many rules and strategies on how to get good looking abs and lots of people recommended a Slendertone. 

The Slendertone product includes everything you need to tone, firm and strengthen your muscles. It targets muscle fibres to activate the muscle. It's a completely safe device with lots of case studies to show its success. The Slendertone connect is one of the newest products in the Slendertone range. The belt itself is app controlled from your smart phone, it includes custom coaching, interactive toning programmes, workout reminders and progress tracking. It helps your set your own target for each session, and compares your progress. 

Throughout January I'm going to be pairing 5 x 30 minute Slendertone sessions alongside healthy eating and regular exercise to build my core and get that toned look ready for the white beaches of Marbella. I have heard so many good things about this product and even from using it for a short time I can already feel my core is tighter and stronger than before.
Have you tried Slendertone before?

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RB ♡

The Slendertone was gifted to me, however all opinions are my own. 

Boxing Day Sales ...


I thought I would share with you all of the Boxing Day sales and promotional voucher codes I know of.


Up to 50% off at Benefit

Up to 50% off at Feel Unique

Up to 50% off at Kiko Milano

Up to 50% off at Boots

50% off at E.L.F 

50% off Harrods Beauty

50% off at Lush Cosmetics 

Up to 70% off at illamasque 


Up to 50% off at TOPSHOP

50% off at River Island

Up to 50% off at Superdry

Up to 70% off at Boohoo 


Up to 50% off at Sweaty Betty

15% off at MyProtein for new customers using NEW15 



20% off at Additional Lengths using code BOXING20

The Body Shop Christmas Selection









It's only 5 days till Christmas, so if you are one of those people who are yet to finish their Christmas shopping, I think The Body Shop is a very good place to start. Currently they are offering 40% off all products that aren't included in a gift set. I myself have visited today to pick up a few last minute pieces. So whether your looking for main items or stocking fillers, The Body Shop have such a massive range of item available.

Every year The Body Shop have signature scents, and as the years have done by Cranberry has always been one I've seen year on year. However this year they've changed it up abit. This year they have brought us Spiced Apple, Frosted Berries and Vanilla Chai, all of which smell extremely Christmassy and I have actually purchased an item from each scent as I really do like them all. I think the best item available for each scent is definitely the apple tin gift sets, these each include a shower gel, a body butter, a body scrub and a body lotion. These would be perfect to try out the scents, or event better for those who love travelling, no one likes to lug round full size bottles these days.

Over the last few months I've heard a lot of people recommend The Body Shop Spa of the World products, these are some of The Body Shop's high end products. So recently I've had a little look round the store at these products, what I like most about these is that you can create your own spa like experience at home for a lot less than it would cost you to visit a Spa. The range is actually much larger than I thought it would be, and includes items that would make great main presents for someone. The Spa of the World luxurious body collection includes Part of the Spa of the World Relaxing Ritual, Japanese Camellia Cream 350ml, French Lavender Massage Oil 170ml , Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath Milk 250g , African Ximenia Scrub 350ml and a Thai Wooden Massager for only £60. I think it is the perfect gift to introduce somebody to the Spa of the World products and also the perfect gift for someone who works hard and could do with a relaxing time. Men this could be a winner! 

Also The Body Shop have a huge range of single items that could be used as stocking fillers, I would highly recommend the Drops of Youth, Hemp Handcream and the brightening drops you can add to your foundation to create lighter tones. The good thing about The Body Shop is that it caters for Ladies, Men and children, and products are packaged specifically for different ages and genders. 

The Body Shop works on enriching us aswell as the planet, its biodiversity and its resources. Their products enrich and never promote false promises and none of their products are tested on animals. Their products are made of natural ingredients and are traceable and sustained sourced. 

Have you picked any bargains up from The Body Shop this Christmas?

New Opening: Central Oven Newcastle
















Last week saw the opening of Central Oven Newcastle, and of course it was a must that myself, Kayleigh & Zoe attended. By now these names are familiar on my blog, as every time food and cocktails are mentioned they aren't far away. Last Thursday was the press opening night, our chance to try the Central Menu & cocktail list, and see what we thought. The menu at Central is a rustic neopolitan themed, including starters, pizza and salads. We had such a lovely evening, catching up, enjoying good food and enjoying a break in our busy schedules. It made a change to be able to just sit back and enjoy an evening that didn't involve too much work.

During the evening we got the opportunity to try a range of dishes, the chefs choose a range of dishes to serve us. I must say they did choose a great selection. I have to recommend the meat and cheese charcuterie board, I loved it, it's such a lovely starter to share with friends or your partners and there is always something for everyone on the board. We got served a couple of vegetable pizzas, and a pepperoni pizza, all freshly served. The pizzas that were served up were honestly amazing, so fresh! They tasted like they had come straight out of Italy, pardon my cheesiness!! Overall I was mainly excited about the salads from looking at the menu beforehand, I try so hard to eat healthy most the time so when I know there's salad on the menu I always hope for something abit exciting. The top salad for me at Central is definitely the Seasonal Harvest salad, a mix of spinach, pumpkin, red cabbage and feta cheese decorated with stunning edible flowers. As you can see above, the salads were very instagrammable! I've always wanted to try edible flowers so I was over the moon to finally get the chance, they certainly lived up to my expectations. I love the contrasting flavours of the dishes, definitely something I could eat quite often.

So not only did we get the chance to try the food, we also got the chance to try the cocktail list. You can imagine what it's like giving a bunch of bloggers lots of photogenic cocktails, photos galore! My top two cocktails of the night were definitely Gingerbread which included dark rum, Ginger beer & lemon juice, and Floss Me which included prosecco, Palma violet syrup and candy floss, however all of the ones we tried were pretty nice to be fair. These two topped my list as they were both super festive. I must say Central is definitely going to be the perfect place for a catch up with the girls this festive season, or a perfect date night. Or what about booking a large table for your works night out? 

Head over and check out the menu, don't forget to get your hands on a Play Dough card,

Stocking fillers with TOPSHOP

Every year I always manage to decide on people's main presents quite early on, however I then struggle on what to use as stocking fillers. At the end of the day you don't want to spend a fortune on fillers because you've already spent a lot on the main presents. I really do think TOPSHOP have brought out some brilliant stocking filler gifts this year and all of them are priced under £15. Such a great way to keep the cost down, also a few are now in the sale too, so now is the perfect time to get your hands on them. I like stocking gifts to be a little quirky and fun, I feel like I can be quite daring with what I include. I thought it would be a cool idea to leave you a list of what stocking fillers I've purchased this year for my family and friends. It might just give you some last minute ideas.











How cute are these gifts? If you didn't want to use them as stocking fillers you could use them as extra little gifts, or most of them would make fab secret santa gifts. Especially if you pick the girl that has everything! I love how creative TOPSHOP have been with their ideas this year, I'm especially a massive fan of the pug mug, it's super cute, you can also get a money box to match which would make the perfect present combination for any dog lover. 
Shop now over at 
TOPSHOP's Gift Finder to find which presents would be best suited for your family and friends. 
I would love to see some photos of your stockings ready to be hung by the fireplace, send me your photos so I can get some ideas.

Only 13 sleeps till Christmas!! Eeeeekkkk!!!

Christmas Q&A






Today's post is another festive Q&A with one of my favourite bloggers Emma at 
Harmony Blaze. I really think mine and Emma's blog show we have very similar interests and I've loved following her over the last year or so. 
 I'm absolutely loving these answers, I'm not sure why but I am so excited for Christmas this year!

What does Christmas mean to you?

To me Christmas is all about the two F's - Family & Friends. Yes receiving presents is lovely, but the greatest present of all is getting to spend time with those that you tend to miss out on seeing throughout the year. This year I'm looking forward to having Christmas Eve off work as I honestly cannot remember not having to work on it!

What are your Christmas traditions?

I don't have too many traditions as such but I always put my tree up on December 1st with a Snowball in one hand and Christmas songs playing in the background. I was always treated to a Snowball by my parents at Christmas and it just wouldn't feel right without one.

What is on your wish list this year?

I am one of those frustrating people that lusts after things all year but when it comes to Christmas I cannot think of much that I want. However, saying that there's a gorgeous Pandora ring that I've been dreaming of and if I found anything from Anthropologie under the tree I think I would squeal with excitement.

Which advent calendar have you got this year?

I was lucky enough to attend an event with The Body Shop a few weeks ago and was gifted one of their advent calendars which was a dream come true as I've looked at them for years but just never bought one. Currently it's hidden away so that I can't start it before December 1st...

What is your favourite Christmas film?
I don't think there are many Christmas films that I dislike but I think if I had to pick one out it would be Love Actually because it's romantic, funny and sad all in one... Plus Hugh Grant is the best Prime Minister ever!

What is your typical Christmas Day outfit?

I love getting dressed up on Christmas Day and always have a nice new dress for the day ... as much as I love Christmas Jumpers I tend to leave those for the run up to the big day because I like Christmas Day to feel like a special occasion!

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

There is no standout Christmas memory because I think every Christmas has been special for different reasons; from the family Christmas' when I was little where my Grandma would knock over the Sherry several times and where me and my dad would toast bread sticks in the candles to the huge family affairs at my boyfriends parents - I've loved all 32 Christmas Days I've celebrated.

What are your reflections from 2016?

2016 and has been the year that I have fallen in love with travelling, with fitness and with writing. I've become closer to friends and family and made decisions about my future that I hope will make my 2017 even better than this year!

Homemade Mince Pies

I couldn't think of any better way to get myself into the festive mood, than to bake a batch of home cooked mince pies. Not only are the finished products scrummy, but the smell that floats through the house while they cook is enough to boost anybodies festive spirit.

This isn't a complicated, in-depth recipe on how to make completely homemade mince pies, but a recipe of how to spice up supermarket ingredients.

Ingredients needed:

375g shortcrust pastry

200g good quality mincemeat (the fruit kind)

3tbsps squuezed orange juice

1/4 brambley apple chopped into very small pieces

4 dried apricots chopped into very small pieces

handful of dried cranberries chopped into very small pieces

a pinch of mixed spice

1 egg

icing sugar to dust


Pre-heat the over to 180 degrees.

Grease a 12 holed bun tray.

Roll out half the pastry till its about 1/2cm thick. Find a tool to cut out the base of your pies, you could use a crinkled edge cookie cutter, a glass, a tub, anything with a round shape that when cut will fill the bun trays.

Place the rounds in the bottom of the bun trays and pop in the fridge to cool for 30 minutes.

Empty your mincemeat (fruit kind) into a bowl, now your going to mix in all of the other ingredients, apart from the egg. So you add the orange juice, apple, apricots, cranberries & mixed spice, and mix together.

Let the rest of the 30 minutes pass ..............

Roll out the rest of the pastry, and cut out 12 lids for your pies. These can be star shaped, rounded, crinkled edged. Whatever you fancy. I decided to use my cookie cutter and go for the crinkled edge.

Take your bun tray out of the fridge. And half fill each pie with mincemeat.

 Beat the egg and the brush onto the edges of the pastry.

Now place on top, your creative lids.

Brush the rest of the egg over the lids, once placed on top of the pies.

Preparation is complete.

Now pop in the over for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

Enjoy the smells!

25 minutes pass,...

Take the pies out of the oven, and let them chill for 10-15 minutes.

Serve on a fancy plate with a dusting of icing sugar.

Enjoy, on their own, with cream or with custard.

How do you eat yours? 

Roo xx

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