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My visit to Kern Fitness..

I was extremely lucky to get the opportunity to visit Kern Fitness UK. 
Kern Fitness involves the perfect combination of Personal Training and Electro-Muscular-Stimulation (EMS) that provides an efficient and effective workout. For anyone who doesn't know EMS is a harmless milliamp current that simulates the natural action of our nervous system and activates the muscle directly via electrodes.
This session takes only 20 minutes, but is the equivalent to 3 hours of conventional training. 

I've currently only been to the one session, but I am hoping to visit again in the not too distant future. The session entailed being strapped into a vest covered in different electrodes, the electrodes sat on my biceps, triceps, chest, abs, lats, traps and glutes. I was then put through various exercises starting with a basic squat and increasing in difficulty to various other resistance exercises. Within 20 minutes I was breathless and laced with sweat, I actually felt like I had been in the gym for a good hour.
And the next day DOMs really did take over my body, muscles ached that I didn't even realise I had used, it's one of those feelings that as much as you feel pain you also feel good for working out.

This workout is perfect for those people who feel they don't have time to workout, either due to work, children or other responsibilities. These sessions take only 20 minutes out of your day, if completed 3-4 times a week you'll start seeing results in no time.

Head over to and check these guys out.

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