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9 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Tip #2: It is well known that all of us over indulge at Christmas time, we make more plans with family, friends and colleagues, and most of these plans include food and alcohol. It is predicted that people can consume between 4000-7000 calories at Chrismas time, which is a masssive difference to out recommended daily intake. Therefore keeping active is really important, to prevent us from looking like stuffed turkeys. 30-45 cardio exercise a day will do just the trick to help prevent our bellies growing. Fair enough the last thing some people want to do on Christmas day is exercise, but that doesn't stop your from exercising daily on the run up to Christmas and the weeks after. 
Why not keep the whole family active by taking some afternoon walks in the countryside, especially if your in the North East of England and have had snow at the weekend, make the most of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. We love having a walk through the forest on boxing day, not only is it nice to spend some quality time with the family, but it's also helping us not gain extra pounds. 
If your not up for walks, why not purchase a exercise DVD, people like Charlotte Crosby, Vicki Pattison and Davina McCall all have chart topping exercise dvds out at the moment. Everyone can fit a 30 minute session into their day, especially if its in their own home.
It's in your own hands to keep in shape this winter, and keeping active is the best way if your wanting to indulge a little bit.
Only 8 days till Christmas, make sure your fitting at least 5 workouts in before the big day.

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