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5 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Try to keep your eating clean. I always go on about clean eating, but that's because it works. By sticking to clean, you know where your food has come from, and you know there has been no nasty stuff added. Christmas dinner is so easy to keep clean, get your roast from the butchers, that way you know your meats fresh and has come straight from a local farmer. Always go for fresh veg, frozen can be cheaper, but fresh not only tastes better but keep jam packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need. If your going to roast your veg, roast with coconut oil, there are endless amounts of calories in duck fat. Try and avoid Yorkshire pudding, white carbs and stodge are never good for a diet. A roast dinner isn't an unhealthy meal if you do it right, to avoid lots of extra calories, limit your sauces. Gravy and sauces can add hundreds of unnecessary calories, if your going to have them try and make them from scratch, that way you know whats in them and how many calories your adding to your plate.

This not only counts for Christmas Day, but the days leading up to it aswell. Always have a clean meal before you go out for your Christmas nights out, you want to avoid buffet food at all costs. Buffets are the easiest way to consume alot more calories than you think you are. If you've eaten before you've gone out then you have no reason to have to pick.

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