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10 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Tip #1 Just because your trying to be good this year, doesn't mean you can't have an alcoholic beverage on the big day or on your works Christmas night out. You just need to know which drinks to avoid. Alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories, but if you look for the drinks with less sugar in them then you will load up less calories. Luckily enough, prosecco isn't actually too bad to drink, its actually got less calories in than a glass of still white wine. Which for me is a great thing, because I am a massive fan of prosecco. 
If your fancying a cocktail, a refreshing Mojito would go down a treat, just of course avoid the sugar syrup, or a martini clocks in at only 73 calories.
If your a spirit drinker, then top your vodka or gin up with low calorie tonic water and add a wedge of lime and lemon for some extra taste. Or go for diet carbonated drinks, always avoid carbonated drinks that aren't diet.
Avoid pints, they are loaded with empty calories.

Unfortunately alcohol also tends to give us an appetite, make sure you line your stomach before going out. And try to avoid picking at snacks, and most definitely avoid takeaways.

Pop back tomorrow for another tip to stay healthy in the festive season.

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