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My visit to Kern Fitness..

I was extremely lucky to get the opportunity to visit Kern Fitness UK. 
Kern Fitness involves the perfect combination of Personal Training and Electro-Muscular-Stimulation (EMS) that provides an efficient and effective workout. For anyone who doesn't know EMS is a harmless milliamp current that simulates the natural action of our nervous system and activates the muscle directly via electrodes.
This session takes only 20 minutes, but is the equivalent to 3 hours of conventional training. 

I've currently only been to the one session, but I am hoping to visit again in the not too distant future. The session entailed being strapped into a vest covered in different electrodes, the electrodes sat on my biceps, triceps, chest, abs, lats, traps and glutes. I was then put through various exercises starting with a basic squat and increasing in difficulty to various other resistance exercises. Within 20 minutes I was breathless and laced with sweat, I actually felt like I had been in the gym for a good hour.
And the next day DOMs really did take over my body, muscles ached that I didn't even realise I had used, it's one of those feelings that as much as you feel pain you also feel good for working out.

This workout is perfect for those people who feel they don't have time to workout, either due to work, children or other responsibilities. These sessions take only 20 minutes out of your day, if completed 3-4 times a week you'll start seeing results in no time.

Head over to and check these guys out.

Skinny Turkey Pizza Recipe

These are so easy to make yet so tasty, kind of proof that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. I'm a huge fan of turkey, so i'm not one of these people who get bored by all the left over turkey, instead I try and incorporate it into as many meals as I can.

Tonight I used Warburtons newburn bakehouse seeded wraps, these are gluten free, so you don't get that awful bloat that some of us get with normal wraps and bread.

I topped them with a tomato & basil pizza sauce, but you could just use tomato puree with some fresh or dried herbs.

And from there I just layered up some toppings ; Spinach, Red Onion, Mushrooms, Turkey & Sweetcorn.

And then sprinkled over half a handful of mozzarella, not too much as you'll end up adding lots of unnecessary calories. 

Baked for 10 minutes at 200 degrees, just to warm it all through and melt the cheese.
 Honestly, it really is that simple. You can either serve it up straight away or chop it up and box it up for lunch tomorrow with a side salad, I made two, one for tea tonight and one for lunch tomorrow.

Remember, meal prepping is the easiest way to stay on track.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just a small post to say I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas. I had a perfect day yesterday, it's so good to be able to spend the whole day with my family, it's possibly the only day of the year we all get together in one house, where no-one has to cancel because they have other plans.
My Christmas started well on Christmas Eve, where I met up with my friends for a few drinks, this has become a new tradition. Again, this is another night when we all seem to get together without anyone having other plans, it's a great opportunity to catch up and start the Christmas celebrations.
I love a low key Christmas, therefore I spent most of my day with my immediate family, my mum, stepdad, gran and sister. We spent 4 hours opening our presents, stuffed ourselves with Christmas dinner and then played games on the evening. I made a stop off at the in-laws to exchange more presents and play some games. It was fab.
As usual, I was completely spoilt by my family and Sean, I look forward to sharing my presents with you later on. For now i'm having a couple of chilled out days before I go back to work.
Enjoy the rest of your Christmas x

3 days till Christmas ... Christmas Blogger Tag



Huge thank you to Lauren for the tag, answering these questions has got me into the festive spirit. Not long till the big day now (:

Presents - Christmas eve or christmas morning? 
Christmas Day definitely

Christmas eve traditions? 
Nowadays my christmas eve traditions, are to have tea as a family just the 5 of us. And then out for drinks with friends, always back home by 11:45 though. Don't want to upset Santa, else i might not get any presents.

Favourite Festive Food?
Christmas dinner 100%. I love nothing more. And mums cooking always makes it soo much better.
Can't complain about all the chocolates too.

What is on the top of your christmas tree?
We've got a fairy this year.

Is christmas day a small group thing or a squeeze as many people around the table as you can?
A small family event on the morning, just the 5 of us, Me Mum Gran Amy & Phil. Wouldn't want it any other way. And then on the afternoon I pop through to see Sean's family and exchange more gifts, and then back to mum's for games and drinks.

Favourite Christmas Scent?
Christmas trees & wreaths, the fresh smell scream christmas time at me.

At Christmas time which extravagant thing was always on your christmas list but you never received?
Range Rover Sport in White, and it's still there right on the top of my list.

What do you wear on christmas day?
We always make an effort on Christmas day, no breakfast or presents until we are all washed and dressed for the day. Got myself a lovely jumpsuit for this year.

Have you finished your christmas shopping yet?
Just. I have been so unorganised this year, I didnt have a clue where to start. This year Ive tried so hard to make sure I only got people things they would actually use.

What christmas TV special are you most looking forward to this year?
I dont have time to watch TV at christmas, way too busy with other things.

Im going to send this over to Lauren at . Anybody else who sees this and wants to give it ago, tag me in your post so I can give it a read..

Merry Christmas from PLGA xx

4 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Find yourself a role model! Find someone who inspires you to achieve your goals. I spend hours a day scrolling through other peoples photos, when I see photos of people who have worked their arses off to be where they are, that inspires me. It doesn't have to be someone famous, just somebody you admire. By having a role model, it gives you something to look at when your lacking in motivation, something that will make you get up and go to they gym rather than sitting at home with a tub of ice cream. it doesn't have to be somebody with a 6 pack and biceps, it needs to be someone you want to be like. The people who motivate me will be different to those that motivate you. 
Get a photo of your role model set as the wallpaper on your phone, it'll always help to get you motivated in this festive season.

5 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Try to keep your eating clean. I always go on about clean eating, but that's because it works. By sticking to clean, you know where your food has come from, and you know there has been no nasty stuff added. Christmas dinner is so easy to keep clean, get your roast from the butchers, that way you know your meats fresh and has come straight from a local farmer. Always go for fresh veg, frozen can be cheaper, but fresh not only tastes better but keep jam packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need. If your going to roast your veg, roast with coconut oil, there are endless amounts of calories in duck fat. Try and avoid Yorkshire pudding, white carbs and stodge are never good for a diet. A roast dinner isn't an unhealthy meal if you do it right, to avoid lots of extra calories, limit your sauces. Gravy and sauces can add hundreds of unnecessary calories, if your going to have them try and make them from scratch, that way you know whats in them and how many calories your adding to your plate.

This not only counts for Christmas Day, but the days leading up to it aswell. Always have a clean meal before you go out for your Christmas nights out, you want to avoid buffet food at all costs. Buffets are the easiest way to consume alot more calories than you think you are. If you've eaten before you've gone out then you have no reason to have to pick.

6 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

It's inevitable that your going to over indulge, after all it's only Christmas once a year! Just make sure you don't start over indulging too early, it's much easier to bounce back after one day off track than it is after a week. Make sure you keep your balance diet on track up until the big day, and don't make excuses to not exercise. We all have 30-45 minutes a day that we can spare to exercise, if it's a break between wrapping presents to do a exercise DVD. Keep yourself topped up with water as much as you can, and drink 3-4 cups of green tea to keep your metabolism high.

7 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Tip #4: Eggs for Breakfast. This is something I do all year round, as any of you who follow me on instagram @prettylittlegymaddict will see regularly.It has been said that people who eat eggs for breakfast could lose up to two-thirds more weight than others. As well as eggs being packed full of protein, they contain all the essential amino acids you need on a daily basis. Eggs are known to assist with weight loss, and are much more beneficial than a carb loaded breakfast, they will also leave you feeling fuller for longer than your normal cereal or toast would.

Eggs are also quite inexpensive so as much as you go through loads, they aren't gonna cost too much. I aim for between 2-4 eggs everyday for my breakfast, you need to be eating atleast 2 to see the benefits. You can eat them however you want, whether it be hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, scrambled, in a omelette or fried. All you need to do is make sure you limit the amount of extra ingredients you are adding, no milk, no butter and very little oil is to be used. You may have heard that eggs are high in cholesterol but it has been proven that foods containing cholesterol are not dangerous to heart health.

8 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Tip #3: Keep filled up with water. Water is an appetite suppressant, so filling yourself with water before a meal, can make you feel fuller therefore meaning you consume less calories. 
When filling up with water, make sure its ice cold, as the ice cold of the water can help boost your metabolism meaning you'll be burning more calories and helping you to lose weight.
To really ensure your making the most of the health benefits of water, you need to be drinking atleast 8 glasses of water a day. It may sound nasty but the best way to check if your getting enough water is by checking the colour of your urine, the darker your urine the more you need to be drinking. If your fully hydrated your urine shouldn't be far off water colour.
Replace carbonated drinks for water can really reduce your calorie intake in the festive season. Also drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink on a night out can help prevent a banging headache the next day. Nobody wants to be wasting time lounging in bed with a hangover.

9 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Tip #2: It is well known that all of us over indulge at Christmas time, we make more plans with family, friends and colleagues, and most of these plans include food and alcohol. It is predicted that people can consume between 4000-7000 calories at Chrismas time, which is a masssive difference to out recommended daily intake. Therefore keeping active is really important, to prevent us from looking like stuffed turkeys. 30-45 cardio exercise a day will do just the trick to help prevent our bellies growing. Fair enough the last thing some people want to do on Christmas day is exercise, but that doesn't stop your from exercising daily on the run up to Christmas and the weeks after. 
Why not keep the whole family active by taking some afternoon walks in the countryside, especially if your in the North East of England and have had snow at the weekend, make the most of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. We love having a walk through the forest on boxing day, not only is it nice to spend some quality time with the family, but it's also helping us not gain extra pounds. 
If your not up for walks, why not purchase a exercise DVD, people like Charlotte Crosby, Vicki Pattison and Davina McCall all have chart topping exercise dvds out at the moment. Everyone can fit a 30 minute session into their day, especially if its in their own home.
It's in your own hands to keep in shape this winter, and keeping active is the best way if your wanting to indulge a little bit.
Only 8 days till Christmas, make sure your fitting at least 5 workouts in before the big day.

10 days till Christmas .. Tips to stay healthy in the festive season.

Tip #1 Just because your trying to be good this year, doesn't mean you can't have an alcoholic beverage on the big day or on your works Christmas night out. You just need to know which drinks to avoid. Alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories, but if you look for the drinks with less sugar in them then you will load up less calories. Luckily enough, prosecco isn't actually too bad to drink, its actually got less calories in than a glass of still white wine. Which for me is a great thing, because I am a massive fan of prosecco. 
If your fancying a cocktail, a refreshing Mojito would go down a treat, just of course avoid the sugar syrup, or a martini clocks in at only 73 calories.
If your a spirit drinker, then top your vodka or gin up with low calorie tonic water and add a wedge of lime and lemon for some extra taste. Or go for diet carbonated drinks, always avoid carbonated drinks that aren't diet.
Avoid pints, they are loaded with empty calories.

Unfortunately alcohol also tends to give us an appetite, make sure you line your stomach before going out. And try to avoid picking at snacks, and most definitely avoid takeaways.

Pop back tomorrow for another tip to stay healthy in the festive season.

My Favourite Shopping Venue & Some Recommendations ...


"If You Can't Stop Thinking About It... Then Buy It."

Anybody who knows me, knows I can't get enough of shopping in Leeds. The trinity centre is like heaven to me, all my favourite shops such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Victoria's Secret, Pink & River Island. Restaurants like Wagamamas, Yo Sushi and Carluccios. And cocktail bars under one roof. Who could resist a cocktail from Alchemist, Angelica or the Botanist, to break up a busy shopping day. I feel disappointed that I only discovered this fab place at the beginning of this year, but since I have visited at least once a month. And i'm actually heading there tomorrow. There are a few different things that make me love Leeds, they city is beautiful and as much as The Trinity Centre is a new built centre, it is still surrounded my some stunning old buildings. Leeds seems to have everything you need within a walkable distance, yet nothing is too cramped.

I absolutely adore Victoria Quarter in Leeds, it is filled with the most fabulous of shops. From The White Company, Joe Malone, Vivienne Westwood to Harvey Nichols, Ted Baker and Sweaty Betty. Without a doubt I always leave Leeds absolutely broke.

This time of year is the perfect time to visit Leeds, as till 20th December, Leeds Christkindelmarkt is located in the Millenium square. The market is lovely to look around, mulled wine stalls, german beer, food stalls galore, and original christmas gifts for all the family. Perfect place to visit to get you into the festive mood.

I have to recommend to you all a little italian restaurant called Gustos, this is located on Greek street. This is by far the best italian restaurant I have ever visited in the UK. The decor is modern and chic, the staff are brilliant and the food is rustic but on point. And even better if you sign up to be a member of their dining club then you get 20% off food on weekdays. Who can say no to discounted food? Especially when it tastes as good as this place.

The photos above are just a little snippet to my most recent trips to Leeds


Top Five Christmas Films...

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing out loud for all to hear." Buddy.

As we get further into December (day 3), I am getting more and more excited for Santa's visit on the 25th. However, some of the other people around me aren't so full of festive cheer. So tonight I have decided we are going to watch a Christmas film. For me there is only one winner, but for you it may be very different, therefore I thought I would share with you a list of my Top 5 Christmas films, and see how it matches to your favourites?

Number 5

Miracle on 34th Street (1994), I love this modern version of a classic film. Mara Wilson acted in quite a few of my childhood favorite films which is probably why I like this film so much. Its one of those films that says it how it is, with out trying to modernise everything. As much as its a modern take on a classic, it hasn't change the story much

Number 4

So last Sunday I sat down and watched Deck the Halls, it's the first Christmas film I have watched this year, and I loved it. This film is hilarious, probably because it stars Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick. The war of the Christmas lights, I just wish I lived near someone with Christmas lights like his. Anyone knows when the Christmas lights get turned on, that Christmas will soon be here.

Number 3

A film can have as many sequels as it wants, but the original will always be the best. And "Merry Christmas you filthy animals" is a line heard in pretty much every household at this time of year. In fact, it's even quoted on my Christmas jumper. Home Alone is a much loved Christmas film, i'm yet to meet anyone who dislikes it. It turns a sad story into a family comedy without the family.

Number 2

Until the release, of my now Number 1 favorite Christmas film, this was always my number one favorite. Christmas would not be complete if I hadn't watched The Santa Claus at least 3 times before Christmas day. I'm not sure if it's because I love Tim Allen as an actor, or because of the fab story line, but this film has everything in it to fill you with Christmas cheer. It even had a CD player that makes you hot chocolate, what more could you want. As much as the story is even a little sad at times, I love that it shows how hard all of the elves work to make Christmas day special. If you haven't seen it, you need to give it a watch this Christmas.

Number 1

There is no question when it comes to this one. If for any reason I am not already filled with Christmas cheer than Elf will make sure I am busting with festive spirit. This is my all time favorite Christmas film, perfect to watch while your decorating the Christmas tree with family. I adore how much festive spirit Buddy has, I just wish my diet could handle coating my food with maple syrup and candy. If any of you are lacking in festive spirit this year, whack on Elf because after all "SANTA's COMING!!"
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