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Walking Skiddaw ...

"Walking is cheap, fun, safe and acceptable exercise." Annie Taylor

Skiddaw Fact File
located just outside of Keswick
6th highest summit in the Lake District.
Elevation 3,054ft (931m) 
6 mile walk

Last weekend, my mum, stepdad, Sean and I, decided we would walk to the summit of Skiddaw, as we were visiting Keswick. This idea came about, as its about time I started training for Kilimanjaro next year, so we thought we'd start off with Skiddaw. It was a rather fun and rewarding way to spend our sunday.
What a stunning place. The views from Keswick are unreal, it really makes you realise how much we take for granted what is on our doorstep. We managed to walk up and down in just over 3 hours which we thought was pretty good, we had taken a picnic with us, but the temperatures were so cold and the wind so strong, that it wasn't possible to stop for it. When we started at the bottom it was 4 degrees, clearish skies and some beautiful views. At the summit it hit low's of -10 degrees, and you couldn't see six foot in front of you, which was a shame because im sure the views would have been stunning.
This has got me really excited for Kilimanjaro now, and I am already planning my next trek. As much as I found this relatively easy, it has made given me an idea of how challenging Killimanjaro is going to be. Im really not sure how I will adapt to the altitude change.

Enjoy the photos of the lovely views :)
Roo xx

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