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'Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.' Benjamin Franklin

So 12 months ago I started working for Boots as a trainee optical consultant, when I first applied for the job, I never actually knew what the job would entail. And very little did I know that this job had the potential to become my life long career.
My trainee optical consultant job role includes a year long apprenticeship, that I have 3 months left of. This apprenticeship will teach me everything I need to know about pre-screening patients, dispensing glasses, adjustments and problem solving. When I applied for the job, I loved that I could learn all the things I needed to learn and gain the qualifications to be an optical consultant, while being paid full salary. I choose this job role as it had a health based background, which is something I'm really interested in, it also includes maths and some science, which were my strongest subjects through schools and college.

It may comes as a shock to most, but working in optics can be very rewarding, I have had numerous customers who have been overwhelmed with the results from their eye tests, and have loved having the ability to see with their new glasses. We've had customers who have had further problems, who have been overwhelmed by our quick action taking. And it's rewarding to work within a team who work their backsides off to hit plans and targets.
It's lovely to be able to hold conversations with people from so many different backgrounds, people with so many stories to tell, who just want somebody to listen to them. To do well in this job role I feel you need a very outgoing and patient personality, the patient part I'm still working on, but I'm getting there.

Within the last year I have made a handful of really good friends, when you work in a team with targets and measures, you become quite close to your fellow colleagues, Because you all need to work together to get things done and to reach target. I also feel like I've changed as a person over the last year, I feel like I am a lot more patient than I was at the beginning, there's still a little room for improvement. However,I also feel like I give it my all, I will do what is asked of me, and I always like to go that extra mile. You will never progress up the ladder if you just plod along with everyone else.
I absolutely love my job, as much as I knew very little about it at the start, I'm now so glad I took that chance and filled in the application form.
Here's to hopefully many more years of progressing up the ladder and increasing my salary ;) 

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