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Admitting you've got an injury ...

'You Have To Trust Your Body To Take Care Of You'

Its very true, that only you know your own body. And it's very hard to accept that at some times in life you can be defeated. For the last two months I have tried to convince myself that I am not injured, and I have tried to put the pain to the back of my mind. I never knew till this point how mentally and physically draining this can actually be. 
I knew before I ran the Great North Run that something wasn't quite right, so a few weeks before, I travelled to Bradford to see a Physiotherapist. I was told I had a Pelvic slip, which the physio managed to correct in the session. I was also given some exercises and stretches to help strengthen the muscles surrounding my hips and knees. I left feeling relieved that it was nothing too serious and that the problem was solved. However, now, I'm not sure the problem was completely fixed. 
Days before I ran the GNR one of my trainers commented on the 'popping' of my hip, this was happening everytime I took a step. She told me it wasn't normal, and I should get it checked before I ran the race. For some stupid reason I thought I knew better, and decided with a couple of extra stretches before workouts, the problem would heal itself. And I decided I would still participate in the race.
Race day arrived, I felt nervous & excited, and also I felt prepared. I had trained for this for 10 months, I was adamant that I would complete the race in my desired time. At 8 miles, I felt a pull in my calves and quads, the pain was awful. It felt like someone had sliced my legs with a scalpel. I was very fortunate that I was coming up to a water station, as cold water seemed to numb the pain, I drowned my legs in two bottles worth of freezing water and carried on. There was a moment where I had thought to myself, that's it, and I was quite prepared to stop the race. Luckily, something pushed me to carry on, not sure if it was the thought of the charity I would let down if I didn't finish, the thought of letting my family and supporters down, or the thought of letting myself down after how hard I had worked in training. I pushed myself to the end and completed. Thank god.
For the last two months, I have struggled, I haven't been able to lift as much weight with my legs in resistance training, I haven't been able to run further than 5 miles since I ran the half marathon, and my endurance in circuit training has been poor. I have constant aches in my hips and knees, and pulling in my calves and quads. I have slacked on my dieting because I have felt very negative towards training. I have spent hours stretching and foam rolling and I have taken pain killers and used pain relief creams. And it's only today that i've sat back and realised that something really isn't right, and I haven't done anything to help myself. I've let myself lose, my normal, very positive attitude, and i've sunk into a very low mood. The reason i've become so down is because I had got to a peak in my fitness, and i've slowly watched myself, let myself go. And now I know i'm going to have to work bloody hard to get back to that level of fitness.
Admitting you've got an injury, is hard. It shatters your self confidence. But the longer you hold back on accepting, the longer its going to take for you to get back to the level of fitness you were at.
Over the last few days I have made sure my diet is back on track, i've started thinking with a much more positive attitude and tomorrow I'm going to refer myself for Physio and make sure I get an answer for all the aches and pains i'm getting.

Roo x

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