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Summer bodies are made in the winter...

It doesn't matter if you have a holiday booked or not, it doesn't matter if your not even going on holiday. In 9 months time the summer months are gonna arrive. Are you going be to be beach ready?
If two years ago someone told me 'Summer bodies are made in the winter', i'd think they were mad, I always thought that a fad diet a month before my holiday would do the trick, I was so wrong!
For the first time ever this year I felt beach ready, I felt that I could walk round in my bikini and feel good, even so I still want to look even better next year. Which is why I am starting now.

So its time to prepare our summer bodies. Along with the eating healthy and exercising parts, we also need to be mentally prepared, the upcoming months aren't going to be great, its going to be cold, wet, and very dark soon, if you don't have the motivation you will quickly give in to that takeaway while snuggled up on the sofa. Every person is different and we all have our own hopes of what we are going to look like next summer (realistically ofcourse). So if youve been on holiday this year and you weren't quite where you wanted to be, find a photo that you weren't quite happy with and stick it on your bedroom mirror. Just as a quick reminder of why your doing this. Depending who you live with, stick it on your fridge, it'll definitely make you think twice about picking out that family size bar of dairy milk. Some days you'll jump out of bed thinking 'lets do this' but other mornings might be harder than others, and that's when you need that little reminder.

The main thing you need to remember is results aren't instant.
4 weeks for you to notice a change
8 weeks for your close family and friends to notice a change
12 weeks for everyone else to notice how bloody good you look

and once that first 4 weeks is up and you've started to notice a change, that's the motivation that will get you through the next 8 months.

So renew your gym membership, start a new class, download a new training plan, do something in October to start your journey to a summer body, and then by June you'll be counting down the days till the sun comes out or you board that plane. A really good idea would be to set yourself a challenge, like a fun run or tough mudder to complete, mine last year was the GNR 2015 and that really helped me slim down for summer.

The longer you leave it the harder it will be.

Roo x

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