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"Now And Then It's Good To Pause In Our Pursuit Of Happiness, And Just Be Happy."

I honestly believe date nights are what keep relationships healthy, it's so important to spend quality time together as a couple! Whether it be go out for a meal, cinema, bowling or just some activity that you can do together, just the two of you! 

In my relationship we try our best to have atleast two date nights a month, more if we can fit it in. But obviously we both have friends we like to socialise with too. Most the time we just go out for food, probably because we both love food! It's not until you sit down and start chatting, that you realise how much you actually have to catch up on. I could go from Saturday to Saturday without having a clue what he's done during the week because we've both been so caught up in work and training. I'm sure this might be slightly different if we lived together, but at the moment we are quite happy with our living arrangements.
I also think going out on date nights keeps your relationship upbeat, you should never let your relationship get boring! The only reason it tends to get boring is if you get stuck in a rut of the same routine. Which I can imagine is pretty easy to do if you lived together! It should also never be an effort to spend the evening doing an activity or going out. I always feel so refreshed after a good date night, because it reminds me of all the good parts of our relationship, and how well suited we are for each other. 
Honestly it doesn't even have to cost you much, but even if it does, your relationship should be worth it. A cinema trip, a nice day out. Don't be afraid to try something different, you've got your best friend by your side why don't you do something that you've both wanted to do for a long time, indoor skiing, treetop climbing etc. Or make a date day out of a shopping trip, especially with Xmas shopping round the corner, you could turn your annual boring Xmas shopping into shopping with cocktails and food, our idea of heaven! Don't for one minute think that men don't like cocktails!!

Keep things alive ;)

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