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2 years to the date ...

Arghhhhh... So I woke up this morning to that dreaded daily notification from 'Timehop', whenever I see this I always cringe a little inside, today was no different. Until I actually saw that 2 years ago I posted the photos that started my weightloss journey, these photos now absolutely disgust me, but they were the photos that made me realise I needed to do something before I made myself even more unhappy. And now I normally use these photos as part of my transformation photos. So today actually became quite a happy day, because I have spent most the day thinking back over the last 2 years, and reminding myself how hard I have worked and how far I have come.
These last two years have been really tough, and at times I have questioned whether all the muscle ache, choosing salads when out for meals, vodka & soda's instead of pints, and all the tears, have been worth it, of course it is, this difference between then and now is massive.
You can smile as much as you want in a photo but back then I was so unhappy, I had very little confidence and was generally just down in the dumps. Now, I couldn't be happier, I love to get dressed up and go out with the girls, I don't feel naughty if I have a cheat meal because I know I'll work it off the next day. And now I smile on this inside as well as the outside.
The reason I set up my blog is to encourage people to start their journey, so in a couple of years you can look back, like I have today, to see how far you have come.

Good Luck x

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