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My Fitness Inspirations

Okay, so as I start this post I would just like to say I in no way think I am going to be a body builder, fitness model, or a fitness instructor in the future, I have my own visions and goals, these people inspire me because of their ambition, hardwork, similar interests and amazing results.

Proof that girls with muscles can look god damn hot in a dress. And that lifting weights does not make you butch or bulky. I follow Paige Hathaway on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and I am a member of her website as I love to follow her workouts and incorporate some into my gym sessions. Think I pay about £4 a month. If I had to name my one favourite thing about Paige it would be her love for pizza, she regularly snapchats large pizza deliveries arriving at her photo shoots. However there are also many other great things about her, Paige shares her gym workouts with us all and she also shows us how easy it is to work out at home with very reasonably priced equipments she explains her exercises rather that just showing them.  Paige also promotes Shredz products, which I have read up on and they are believed to be really good products and very popular in the states.  She also has the cutest pup, and her camera guys are hilarious. I would say Paige is one of my fitness inspirations because as much as she works her arse off she is still a very laid back person, you just need to follow her on snapchat for a day to find that out. 

Amanda Finnie

snapchat @amandafinniee

I started following Amanda back when she worked for LDN, and have continued to scroll through her Instagram most days since, and have recently started following her on Snapchat also. In my eyes Amanda has a dream body, and I would one day love to have a figure close to hers, she is my body inspiration. Amanda often reminds us that she was never born with a tiny waist, and with hard work she has built up her back and shoulders and her bum to give the illusion of a much smaller waist. Even though she has built up certain muscle groups she in no way looks bulky, like most people are lead to believe are the results of girls lifting weights. Amanda also shares some of her meal photos on Instagram which I like to take some inspiration from, it's quite easy to become bored of the same meals everyday, so it's good to use other people's ideas. And she really knows how to pull off gym clothes on a night out.

As much as Lydia doesn't post as much about fitness now that she has become a full time fashion blogger, I still find her very inspirational. A few months ago I read her blog post on her all natural pre-workout, this has now become my number one pre-workout. I love that Lydia follows a very clean diet and lifestyle, and I completely agree with her that hazelnut milk is the way forward. I recently started following Lydia's trainer on periscope, which has been great to see Lydia's workouts. I always think it's great to incorporate new things into your workouts so you don't hit a plateau, and I have picked up some great simple exercises from Lydia and athleticnutri. I have also picked up a lot of beauty tips up from her as she posts some great products for acne prone skin. 

If your looking for some inspiration or motivation get following these 3.


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