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My Fitness Inspirations

Okay, so as I start this post I would just like to say I in no way think I am going to be a body builder, fitness model, or a fitness instructor in the future, I have my own visions and goals, these people inspire me because of their ambition, hardwork, similar interests and amazing results.

Proof that girls with muscles can look god damn hot in a dress. And that lifting weights does not make you butch or bulky. I follow Paige Hathaway on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and I am a member of her website as I love to follow her workouts and incorporate some into my gym sessions. Think I pay about £4 a month. If I had to name my one favourite thing about Paige it would be her love for pizza, she regularly snapchats large pizza deliveries arriving at her photo shoots. However there are also many other great things about her, Paige shares her gym workouts with us all and she also shows us how easy it is to work out at home with very reasonably priced equipments she explains her exercises rather that just showing them.  Paige also promotes Shredz products, which I have read up on and they are believed to be really good products and very popular in the states.  She also has the cutest pup, and her camera guys are hilarious. I would say Paige is one of my fitness inspirations because as much as she works her arse off she is still a very laid back person, you just need to follow her on snapchat for a day to find that out. 

Amanda Finnie

snapchat @amandafinniee

I started following Amanda back when she worked for LDN, and have continued to scroll through her Instagram most days since, and have recently started following her on Snapchat also. In my eyes Amanda has a dream body, and I would one day love to have a figure close to hers, she is my body inspiration. Amanda often reminds us that she was never born with a tiny waist, and with hard work she has built up her back and shoulders and her bum to give the illusion of a much smaller waist. Even though she has built up certain muscle groups she in no way looks bulky, like most people are lead to believe are the results of girls lifting weights. Amanda also shares some of her meal photos on Instagram which I like to take some inspiration from, it's quite easy to become bored of the same meals everyday, so it's good to use other people's ideas. And she really knows how to pull off gym clothes on a night out.

As much as Lydia doesn't post as much about fitness now that she has become a full time fashion blogger, I still find her very inspirational. A few months ago I read her blog post on her all natural pre-workout, this has now become my number one pre-workout. I love that Lydia follows a very clean diet and lifestyle, and I completely agree with her that hazelnut milk is the way forward. I recently started following Lydia's trainer on periscope, which has been great to see Lydia's workouts. I always think it's great to incorporate new things into your workouts so you don't hit a plateau, and I have picked up some great simple exercises from Lydia and athleticnutri. I have also picked up a lot of beauty tips up from her as she posts some great products for acne prone skin. 

If your looking for some inspiration or motivation get following these 3.

Visiting & Eating in the Algarve ...

Apologies this is quite a lengthy post.

If any of you follow me on Instagram you will know that me and my other half have spent the last 7 days on holiday in Albufeira, Portugal. Each year we have a snow holiday (as we both love to ski) and a sun holiday, and this year we decided to try somewhere neither of us had been before. Portugal sounded like a good option as the flights are around 3 hours long, and we both refuse to spend a whole day or more travelling when we are only away for 7 days. After a lot of browsing on the Internet, I had settled with Albufeira and the Aqua Pedro Don Biscos 4 Star hotel, a Superior double room with a side sea view and on a half board basis so we could venture out to other restaurants too. 
Our hotel was beautiful, very modern with some lovely decor throughout. Our side sea view was exactly that, we had to stand on our balcony and look to the right to see the water, still very beautiful to look at. The food was lovely, both breakfast and our evening meals were a buffet set up with enough choices that nobody would go without. And the house wine was lovely.

Each year on our sun holidays we always rent a scooter, no matter how silly I may look with my helmet on hanging onto Sean for dear life, it is a great idea to visit those places that are a little too far to walk. And this year we found two lovely places to visit, Albufeira Old town, and the amazing Vilamoura (by far my favourite place). We also took the train to visit the capital city Lisbon, the photos show just how beautiful the city is, we walked a total of 13 miles around the city, taking in the stunning views and eye catching architecture. And we dined at Hard Rock Cafe, making it the 10th Hard Rock Cafe I have visited. The weather has been perfect all week at around 29 degrees most days, and cool on a night which has been perfect for sleeping. 

Okay so as I'm quite a big food lover I decided to tell you guys my top 3 places to eat in the Algarve, we tried a few different places but these places left us feeling satisfied and we were really pleased we visited them.

1. Nougat Tea'N, Vilamoura

This cafe is any girls dream, princess themed decor, the most beautiful cakes (appearance & taste) and some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted, which was sugar-free, BONUS! 
We had a cake each, mine a rich dark chocolate bombe and Sean's a caramel flavoured bombe, and we shared a 4 scoop chocolate bowl filled with Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Vanilla Ice cream topped with nuts. Honestly I thought I was in heaven. The service was amazing, and the waiters couldn't do enough for us, they even gave us free macaroons and offered us a taste of some of the other cakes.
I loved the place that much, that I brought back some of their macaroons to share with my mum. 
If any of you visit Vilamoura, you must visit Nougat Tea'N it is a must! Cakes are a little pricey but I believe they are well worth what you pay.

2. Luna Rossa, Vilamoura

It was just by sheer look that we ended up in Luna Rossa for dinner one evening, we had spent at least an hour walking up and down the marina trying to decide where to eat, neither of us knowing what we fancied, and most places looked lovely. I always tend to look for places that are pretty busy, if there are quite a few people in then the food must be good, right? So in the end we choose this Italian, it sat at the edge of the water so we had a lovely view of the boats as the sun set. 
There was quite a good variety of choice on the menu, and we soon decided on our two courses. Sean's mozzarella and Parmesan bruschetta, followed by a pepperoni & chilli calzone, and mine tomato and soft cheese crostini, followed by stuffed chicken breast with a pepper and Parmesan sauce. With a lovely bottle of house Rose. We happily agreed to share our main courses, it's nice to try something different. Service was lovely and efficient, and the food was amazing. You could tell the food had been cooked with the freshest ingredients and although the meals were quite simple they stood out most Italians I've tried before. 
Well worth a visit if you enjoy rustic Italian food. At €64 for two courses each and a bottle of house rose wine, and a view of the marina. Very reasonable.

3. Wild & Co, Albufeira 

We visited Wild & Co on our last night, this was a planned visit as I had fancied steak all week, and we has eyed this place up on our first day in Albufeira. The restaurant was about 400m from our hotel so it was perfect for out last night, not too late a night ready for our journey home the next morning :(.  
Again a very good range of choices on the menu, seafood, steaks, chicken, ribs, duck etc. Sean went for a variety of 4 garlic breads (plain, cheese, cheese & bacon, cheese & olive) followed by grilled chicken and pineapple with wild rice (he loves his carbs). I went for smoked salmon and caper crostini followed  by an 8oz sirloin steak with sautéed vegetables and sautéed potatoes, with bacon and onions. And of course peppercorn sauce.
The service again was very efficient, the waiters were dead against you pouring your own drinks. The food  was stunning, and perfectly cooked. Once again you could tell the ingredients were fresh and the portion sizes were just right. We left feeling satisfied and happy not bloated and stuffed. 
Our meal came to €70 which we also thought was very reasonably priced.

I know this post has been quite lengthy but I thought it was only fair that I shared with you our good experiences so if any of you visit Albufeira in the future you have some idea of the places to visit. If any of you do you must also visit Libertos Lounge bar on Albufeira strip, live music every night and the nicest cocktails, in a very sophisticated location.

Happy Travelling (: 

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