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Training for the Great North Run 2015

So in January this year I decided I would take it upon myself to enter the Great North Run, this was a new challenge for myself, at that point I had probably run 5-6 miles at the most. I've always been able to run and ran for a couple of running clubs when I was younger, but I had never bothered to see how far I could actually push myself. I don't think I really knew what I was letting myself in for.

In March it was confirmed that I had got into the run, it was really exciting and nerve racking.

Back in march I was running 5.21 miles in 1:12:40, now I would be able to run the same distance in 0:45:00, which is a massive difference. I am going to be completely honest, its only in the last about 8 weeks, that I've actually started looking at different training programmes. I should have probably done it sooner, but somehow what I've been doing seems to have worked for me. Over the last 6 months I have gradually increased my mileage, each time I've been out running I've either increased my distance or pace on a weekly basis. I've gone out running at least twice a week, aswell as attending classes and weight training in the gym. For the first 3 months I focused on 10km runs, trying to improve my time. More recently i've pushed myself to do 10-12 mile run, to prove to myself that I can actually do this.
I've experimented with my diet over the 6 months too, tried different meals before and after running to see which would give me the largest amount of energy during, and which would help me recover after. I've tried eating nothing at all, drinking double espressos and bowls of pasta, but what works for me isn't necessarily going to be what works for everyone else. But I did find that a meal including carbs 2-3 hours before my run really helped me keep up a good pace over a longer distance. And a double espresso definitely gives you a head start.

I am running the run for a great cause, Children with Cancer UK, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

I entered the Great North Run because I wanted a challenge, and as much as its been a challenge so far physically and mentally, I cant wait to take part 3 weeks today! 

Set yourself a challenge!

Don't forget to check back in with me in 3 weeks time to see how I did!

Roo xx

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