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Always track your workout.

This has become such a vital thing for me, when I first started working out my sessions were quite simple, I used to do an hours cardio and a couple of sets of weights at the end. Now my sessions are alot more structured, and I feel by knowing what I've done in previous sessions helps me with my new ones. Here I am talking about my running sessions as well as my gym sessions, i've started doing a few classes recently but they are alot more difficult to record. So I stick with running and gym.

It is so important to have a good app for running, I swear by Run Keeper, i'm pretty sure it was free to purchase aswell. I start the app as I set off for my run, pop it in my waistband and then ended as I finish, so simple. So simple, yet so effective for training, this app records time, distance, and split times, all very valuable measurements if your wanting to see if your improving or not. My records on this app go back to 2014, so I have a huge range of runs and different times. Its so great  to look back and see how many seconds i'm knocking off each mile, and if I notice i'm running slower than normal I know to look at my diet that day, the time of the session and any other factors that may have effected it. I would recommend it to you all, theres been a few time my battery has run out mid run and ive been gutted when ive finished because I didnt know how far i'd run or how fast. I almost felt like I had wasted the workout.

As far as I know there isnt, or atleast I havent come across an app for recording resistance sessions. Maybe I could invent one? So I normally just take notes or make a mental note of what i've done. Its important to remember what weight you can lift, press or curl, and for how many reps. Its good to remember which weight was your failure, and to work on that so that becomes your normal working weight.Without taking note or remembering these things, you will really struggle to see if your progressing or not. And if your not seeing progress then you are more likely to give up. Its also a good idea to remember which muscles your worked on what days. Change your workouts around a little, see if a different sequence of workouts makes a difference to your progress.

Always remember to keep track.

Roo xx

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  1. Love this post. It's so true, keeping track definitely helps. We love to look and make sure we're pushing ourselves hard enough or how many calories we are burning. Jayde uses the Run Keeper app too. She loves it. We love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration. - L&J


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