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Whether your just starting out on your diet and exercise journey or your well on your way to reaching your goals, it is so important to know your body. It is important to know that rest is just as important as any part of your journey, if we work ourselves too hard without rewarding ourselves with rest, then we can end up causing damage even when we think we are gaining results. Rest can be simple and basic like just having a night off from the gym, or doing one less class than normal, but its also great to treat yourself with rest, a sports massage or spa day will do wonders for your body and mind, you will feel relaxed and your muscles will thank you. 
It is also really important that your getting enough rest on a night, as much as sometimes its hard to fit things into our busy schedules, its so important that we get at least 7-8 hours sleep a night. And it may come as a shock but getting the right amount of sleep can help promote weightloss.
Don't ignore your body's cry for help, if your tired, feeling, lethargic or generally not feeling too good in yourself, then give today's workout a miss.
Your body will thank you for it later.


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