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Courgetti ..

Courgetti is a great substitute for pasta, and a great way to make a clean eating meal that little bit more interesting.

I decided to purchase a spiral slicer after seeing Clean_Eating_Alice using one all the time on instagram. I got this one of amazon, and i'm pretty sure it cost me less than £10, and i've used it loads.

Aswell as courgetti, ive also used it to slice up carrots and stir fry veg. I like when all the ingredients in a dish are cut the same, so this tool is perfect for that.

Courgetti is so simple to make. I find that one courgette makes one serving per person.

And all you do is twist the courgette in one end of the tool like you would a pencil in a pencil sharpener.

Ive tried boiling the courgetti but I found it turned abit mushy, the best way ive found to cook it is by popping it into a steam bag ( this one is from lakeland)  and microwaving for 50 seconds.

I always add a sprinkle of sea salt at the end to enhance the flavour.

You can serve at the bed of a meal, like you would pasta or spaghetti, topped with bolognese sauce, pasta sauce, or chilli, or you can serve it along side a cut of meat.

What do you serve yours with?

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