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Know your body ...

Whether your just starting out on your diet and exercise journey or your well on your way to reaching your goals, it is so important to know your body. It is important to know that rest is just as important as any part of your journey, if we work ourselves too hard without rewarding ourselves with rest, then we can end up causing damage even when we think we are gaining results. Rest can be simple and basic like just having a night off from the gym, or doing one less class than normal, but its also great to treat yourself with rest, a sports massage or spa day will do wonders for your body and mind, you will feel relaxed and your muscles will thank you. 
It is also really important that your getting enough rest on a night, as much as sometimes its hard to fit things into our busy schedules, its so important that we get at least 7-8 hours sleep a night. And it may come as a shock but getting the right amount of sleep can help promote weightloss.
Don't ignore your body's cry for help, if your tired, feeling, lethargic or generally not feeling too good in yourself, then give today's workout a miss.
Your body will thank you for it later.


Training for the Great North Run 2015

So in January this year I decided I would take it upon myself to enter the Great North Run, this was a new challenge for myself, at that point I had probably run 5-6 miles at the most. I've always been able to run and ran for a couple of running clubs when I was younger, but I had never bothered to see how far I could actually push myself. I don't think I really knew what I was letting myself in for.

In March it was confirmed that I had got into the run, it was really exciting and nerve racking.

Back in march I was running 5.21 miles in 1:12:40, now I would be able to run the same distance in 0:45:00, which is a massive difference. I am going to be completely honest, its only in the last about 8 weeks, that I've actually started looking at different training programmes. I should have probably done it sooner, but somehow what I've been doing seems to have worked for me. Over the last 6 months I have gradually increased my mileage, each time I've been out running I've either increased my distance or pace on a weekly basis. I've gone out running at least twice a week, aswell as attending classes and weight training in the gym. For the first 3 months I focused on 10km runs, trying to improve my time. More recently i've pushed myself to do 10-12 mile run, to prove to myself that I can actually do this.
I've experimented with my diet over the 6 months too, tried different meals before and after running to see which would give me the largest amount of energy during, and which would help me recover after. I've tried eating nothing at all, drinking double espressos and bowls of pasta, but what works for me isn't necessarily going to be what works for everyone else. But I did find that a meal including carbs 2-3 hours before my run really helped me keep up a good pace over a longer distance. And a double espresso definitely gives you a head start.

I am running the run for a great cause, Children with Cancer UK, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

I entered the Great North Run because I wanted a challenge, and as much as its been a challenge so far physically and mentally, I cant wait to take part 3 weeks today! 

Set yourself a challenge!

Don't forget to check back in with me in 3 weeks time to see how I did!

Roo xx

Chicken & Chorizo Tomato Sauce

This recipe includes 4 simple ingredients, its great on its own, on top of pasta, or my favourite, on top of courgetti!!

All you need is:
  1.  1 chicken breast
  2.  1 container of chopped tomatos
  3.  1 pepper ( colour is optional)
  4.  chorizo
  5.  optional chilli flakes

And all your going to do is slice your chicken breast into small pieces, slice the pepper into strips, thinly slice the chorize, add to a pyrex dish and top with the chopped tomatoes and sprinkle some chilli flakes on top. Give it a stir, then bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes, until bubbling hot and chicken is cooked through.
And then serve.

Courgetti ..

Courgetti is a great substitute for pasta, and a great way to make a clean eating meal that little bit more interesting.

I decided to purchase a spiral slicer after seeing Clean_Eating_Alice using one all the time on instagram. I got this one of amazon, and i'm pretty sure it cost me less than £10, and i've used it loads.

Aswell as courgetti, ive also used it to slice up carrots and stir fry veg. I like when all the ingredients in a dish are cut the same, so this tool is perfect for that.

Courgetti is so simple to make. I find that one courgette makes one serving per person.

And all you do is twist the courgette in one end of the tool like you would a pencil in a pencil sharpener.

Ive tried boiling the courgetti but I found it turned abit mushy, the best way ive found to cook it is by popping it into a steam bag ( this one is from lakeland)  and microwaving for 50 seconds.

I always add a sprinkle of sea salt at the end to enhance the flavour.

You can serve at the bed of a meal, like you would pasta or spaghetti, topped with bolognese sauce, pasta sauce, or chilli, or you can serve it along side a cut of meat.

What do you serve yours with?

Crustless mini quiches ...

Mini quiches are so easy to make and so convenient for packed lunches, or snacks. This recipe will fill a 12 slot bun tin.
All you need is:
  • 4 whole eggs, 3 egg whites
  • 50 ml of semi-skimmed milk
  • 6 rashes of unsmoked bacon diced
  • 6 button mushrooms diced
  • 60g feta cheese crumbles
  • black pepper to season

1. Fry off the bacon and mushrooms, then set aside on some kitchen towel to dry out any excess fluid or grease,

2. Whisk together all of the eggs, egg whites, milk & black pepper.

3. Crumbled up the feta cheese and leave it to one side.

4. Fill the bun tin with equal amounts of the egg mixture, leaving a 3-5 mm gap from the top.

5. Sprinkle in your bacon, mushrooms and feta cheese.
Be careful not to fill the bun tin to full as the mixture will overflow.

6. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 mins, until golden brown on top.

7. Once golden brown, lift out the over, and let cool on a wire rack. Once cool wrap individually or in twos, in cling film and store in the fridge. Perfect served warm or cold. To reheat pop in microwave for 14 seconds.

Enjoy with salad as part of a meal, or on their own as a snack.

Enjoy (:

Clean Turkey/Chicken Breast Pizzas

This is one of the most simple yet effective clean eating recipes I have tried. It is perfect post workout as its packed with protein, and also great cold the next day for lunch. This recipe, in no way, includes dough or bread, that's where the Turkey/Chicken comes into play.

1. Select 1 or 2 Turkey/Chicken breasts, and batter them with a rolling pin until flat. Pop clingfilm over the top to save washing up.

2. Cover a baking tray with tin foil and place the breasts on top, this will stop them from sticking. Then top the breasts with tomato puree, exactly like you would with a pizza base.

3. Feta cheese is one of our clean eating items, and is perfect crumbled on top. Lightly sprinkle crumbled up pieces over the top of the tomato puree base.

4. And then its completely up to you what else you put on top. You can put pretty much any topping on that you would a pizza. Tonight i've just gone with simple red onion, but previously i've tried, mushrooms, chorizo, chilli flakes and many other things.

5. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes on 180 degrees. It takes less time than when usually cooking chicken/turkey breasts as they've been flattened out.

6. And then serve, still warm. Either on top of a fresh salad, or a portion of sweet potato wedges, Like I said they are yummy hot or cold, so make extra for your lunch the next day.


Roo xx 

How to count macros

Forget about Sins, Points, and Calories. The new way to keep on track is by counting macros. This is a process that started over in the states and is now becoming very popular here in the UK. I find it so much easier to follow than other ways that I have tried.

So basically Counting your macros, is basically how much Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats your eating on a daily basis. This is the method I use to calculate my macros, this is the formula for wanting to lower your body fat.

You will need a calculator and a pen and paper! And you need to be really honest with your answers.


Lets get started....

Step 1: Determining Calories

We need to work out how many calories you need each day. 

Take your bodyweight in pounds and multiply it by 11 to 14.

Here’s how to work out what you should multiply by –

Multiply by 11 if you have a sedentary job and do little to no exercise
Multiply by 12 if you have a relatively active job (think postman, bin/garbage man, etc.) or you have a sedentary job but train 2 to 3 times per week
Multiply by 13 if you have an active job and train 2 to 3 times per week, or have a sedentary job and train at an intense level (ie. weight training, or high level aerobics) 4 to 6 times per week.
Multiply by 14 if you have an active job and train at an intense level (ie. weight training, or high level aerobics) 4 to 6 times per week, or you’re an athlete training every day or multiple times per day.

Make a note of this.

Step 2: Working Out Protein

Take your bodyweight in pounds. This is the number of grams of protein you’ll eat per day,
Eg, 156lbs equals 156 grams of protein.

Make a note of this.

Step 3: Working Out Fat
You need between 0.3 and 0.6 grams of fat per pound of bodyweight.

This should be largely based off personal preference, as provided you’re hitting a minimum of 0.3 and not exceeding 0.6, you’re okay. To determine what your ideal intake should be, ask yourself what your favourite types of foods are.

If you tend to steer towards fattier foods, such as cheese, bacon, nuts and fatty desserts, then aim for 0.5 or 0.6 grams of fat per pound. You’ll likely enjoy a diet far more (and therefore be much more likely to stick to it) if you have more room for your preferred higher-fat foods in your diet.
If, on the other hand, you’re more of a carb-o-holic, and crave bread, pasta, crisps and pretzels, aim for 0.3 to 0.4 grams per pound. Your carb and fat intake will be inversely proportional, so the higher one is, the lower the other. Therefore, you can go lower with your fat intake in order to consume more carbs.

Make a note of this.

Step 4: Working Out Carbs

This is where you’ll need a calculator.
First up, take your daily protein intake and multiply it by 4. There are 4 calories in a gram of protein, so this will give you how many calories you’re consuming from protein each day.
Then multiply your fat intake in grams by 9 to give your fat calories.
Add these two numbers together, and subtract the result from the total number of calories you’re aiming for each day.
This will give you how many calories you need from carbs each day. Divide this by 4 (remember – carbs have 4 calories per gram) and that’s how many carbs you need each day.

Hopefully you will have made notes of all of these numbers and you will now have all the values you need to count your macros.

My fitness pal app gives you the option of changing your macros, so when your uploading your food each day, you can check the macros pie chart to see how well your doing. Give it ago!!

Roo xx

Always track your workout.

This has become such a vital thing for me, when I first started working out my sessions were quite simple, I used to do an hours cardio and a couple of sets of weights at the end. Now my sessions are alot more structured, and I feel by knowing what I've done in previous sessions helps me with my new ones. Here I am talking about my running sessions as well as my gym sessions, i've started doing a few classes recently but they are alot more difficult to record. So I stick with running and gym.

It is so important to have a good app for running, I swear by Run Keeper, i'm pretty sure it was free to purchase aswell. I start the app as I set off for my run, pop it in my waistband and then ended as I finish, so simple. So simple, yet so effective for training, this app records time, distance, and split times, all very valuable measurements if your wanting to see if your improving or not. My records on this app go back to 2014, so I have a huge range of runs and different times. Its so great  to look back and see how many seconds i'm knocking off each mile, and if I notice i'm running slower than normal I know to look at my diet that day, the time of the session and any other factors that may have effected it. I would recommend it to you all, theres been a few time my battery has run out mid run and ive been gutted when ive finished because I didnt know how far i'd run or how fast. I almost felt like I had wasted the workout.

As far as I know there isnt, or atleast I havent come across an app for recording resistance sessions. Maybe I could invent one? So I normally just take notes or make a mental note of what i've done. Its important to remember what weight you can lift, press or curl, and for how many reps. Its good to remember which weight was your failure, and to work on that so that becomes your normal working weight.Without taking note or remembering these things, you will really struggle to see if your progressing or not. And if your not seeing progress then you are more likely to give up. Its also a good idea to remember which muscles your worked on what days. Change your workouts around a little, see if a different sequence of workouts makes a difference to your progress.

Always remember to keep track.

Roo xx
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