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Morning Workout Hairstyle

Morning workouts are a brilliant way to get you started for the day ahead, however what's not so good is the dilemma of having to rush home, shower, wash your hair, dry it, style it, taking up at least another hour of your day. This tip with help you have a nice fresh tousled look without having to wash your hair, saving you at least 45 minutes. 

All you need is Salt Spray, Dry Shampoo, Bobble, Headband and some grips. 

Salt Spray the whole of your hair, including roots.

Add some dry shampoo to your roots, this acts as a barrier from your sweat.
Scrunch your hair into a messy bun and secure with grips.

Place a head band an inch back from your hairline, this will stop any loose hairs falling onto your face.

Ready to Exercise.
Quick Shower. Claw Clip the top of your hair back, and who would have known you worked out 30 minutes ago??

Roo xx

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