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Thrive is a product that claims to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels.

Wednesday Evening:
Finally after waiting over a fortnight, my Thrive trial finally came through the post from Texas. Joe Stern had contacted me weeks ago asked me to trial this product, and ever since he explained how good it should make me feel, I looked forward to finally receiving the trial!! I have been given a full three day trial to see what I think, and given strict instructions of how to use the 3 different products included. I've choose to review this product more like a 3 day diary rather than a product review! Looking forward to starting tomorrow morning, for now Good Night!! x

Thursday Morning:
Wakey Wakey!! Instructions say I have to take two capsules as soon as I wake on an empty stomach! Done! I then need to wait 25-30 minutes to drink my shake, let's see what it tastes like!

Okay so it's been 25 minutes, I'm gonna be honest, no protein shakes, weightloss shake or anything like that ever tastes lovely, well atleast I haven't found one yet! I mixed this shake sachet with half milk half water, that's just my usual practice when it comes to shakes. It makes it a little bit creamier without all the calories of using all milk. The taste, bareable, I'm not sure what it's supposed to taste of, but it's drinkable and doesn't make me gag, which is always a plus. It's got a slight vanilla taste. But I don't think I'll have any problems getting it down on a morning thank god!!

So Thrive includes 3 different products, capsules, shakes and a patch. The patch is to be placed on a dry area of skin, for example, shoulder, back, upper buttock or inner forearm. Today I've gone for the inner forearm.

So far the products have been in my system for nearly 2 hours, and I have had no temptation to have my usual morning coffee. However, this may just be psychological, we'll see how the rest of the day goes!

Today is going pretty well, I keep feeling small rushes of energy, none of which have come from mugs of coffee, which makes a change. Im off to get ready for my fitness classes, cant wait to see how Thrive helps me out!

SUCCESS!! I managed both classes without completely dying! However I may have looked like I had just jumped out the shower by the end of them. I felt like I had alot more stamina than usual and the ability to push myself further.
All in all today has been a good day, full of energy and got lots done.
Night all x

Friday Morning.
Following the instruction again, this morning I blended the shake with a banana and some ice, and stuck the patch to my upper arm. Hoping today is as full of energy as yesterday, a little under the weather with a cold at the moment but looking forward to seeing if Thrive helps me pull through.

So today I have been at work all day, my job isnt overly active but I do end up running back and forth up three flights of stairs many times a day hasn't actually been a very good day,today has been absolutely manic. None stop problem solving and working with awkward customers. However I havent needed any coffee all day, and I do feel like I have enough energy to see me through the day. Ive managed a 75 minute workout in the gym including Hiit training and some resistance workouts, Tomorrow will be the real tester as I am completely a Color Obstacle Rush with a group of friends, really looking forward to seeing the effects of Thrive on the last day of my trial.
Night :) x

Saturday: The final day of my trial.

Capsules taken, Shake mixed with milk & ice, and patched attached to my right wrist.
So today I took part in the Color Obstacle Rush, fueled by my Thrive capsules, shakes and patches. I must say I have felt a lot more energetic while using these products, I feel like my stamina has increased and I can push myself further. I also haven't had any niggly pain from my hip which is a bonus, as its been nothing but bother the last few months. Not sure I can comment on the hair, nails and skin side of things because I haven't had long enough to test the product yet.

Thanks for reading
Roo xx

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