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Taste of Teesdale Festival

So today Raby Castle hosted the 'Taste of Teesdale Festival', including over 40 stalls of the regions best artisan food, drinks and crafts. To me, this is heaven. Its the perfect opportunity to sample the products your going to buy and speak to the owners and producers about their products. There was such a large range of items available, from honeys and sauces to smoked fish and cupcakes. I walked up and down the stalls several times just to make sure I didn't miss anything. There was so much I could have bought but I tried to curb my spending a little bit. The only downfall with fresh produce, is that the best before dates aren't great so I didn't want to purchase items that wouldn't have got eaten or used.

I was over the moon to find this stall, provided by Cafe Nobia. 'The best of Africa with a touch of English'. This stall reminded me of my time back in Jamaica, I purchased a Chicken Curry Pocket which was so similar to the patties I used to eat in Jamaica. The lady was also selling curried goat, my all time favourite jamaican dish, however I didn't purchase. Only because I found that Cafe Nobia has opened a cafe in Middlebrough so I will definitely be visting in the future to dig into some curried goat. Follow Nobia at

There are two things I love in life, chocolate and coffee. So when I happened to land upon a stall that sold Dark Chocolate Coffee Thins, it was a must that I sampled and purchased them. The sample lived up to my expectations. This stuff tastes unreal, so much so that I daren't open the packet because I know I wont be able to stop myself from eating them all. I also tried a sample of their Raspberry Gin Chocolate, these too were beautiful. The lady on this stall was really friendly and gave me this 15% off voucher, to use online. Head over to and get your hands on some goodies for yourselves or a gift for a loved one. 

Funny thing was when I actually found this stall, I realised I hadn't brought enough cash with me to the event, and unfortunately there was no way of me getting cash out of my bank account. So I ended up having to the lend some money off my bin man, who happened to be at the festival, just to be able to get these chocolates, and they are well worth the effort. A bit of a memorable event.

Wow. Anybody who says salads are boring. need to give wheatberry a visit. Im a huge fan of food, even more so when it looks damn good. There's nothing more enjoyable that sitting down to food that looks just as good as it tastes. Im hoping this salad tastes as good as it looks, as I bought this for my lunch tomorrow.

 This wasn't actually part of the food festival, its actually available all the time at Raby Castle. I got really excited when I saw there was raspberry & redcurrants growing in the gardens, and really enjoyed getting to pick the fresh fruits. I added a few of the picked raspberries to my water, and kindly got rid of the redcurrants, they were beautiful to look at but a little to sore for my tastebuds. Its a great feeling being able to see where your fruit actually comes from, and yes I did was the fruits before trying them,

How cute is this bicycle coffee cart! This was a must! I had missed out on my normal morning coffee so was already in need of my caffeine hit for the day. A double cappuccino was made up right in front of me, you could see the roasted beans that were being used, and a range of different syrups were available too. It may have taken a little longer than a standard coffee shop, but the effort was appreciated! 

Enjoy your read :)

Roo xx

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