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Quality Me Time ...

Me Time is so important...

I love to be organised, I spend 5 days a week in a strict routine.

Wake at 6:30am
Eat and get ready
Travel to work
Travel home

As much as I enjoy being organised, after awhile the same thing day in, day out, can become boring, you can become distant from family and friends because its such a struggle to fit them into your busy schedule. At the moment the days I'm at work I only spend time with my other half when we workout and sleep next to eachother at night, not exactly the best thing for a relationship. Recently we've started to give ourselves a night together each week, we'll go out for dinner together and take a night off from the gym to chat and watch a film. After 5 years, its still really important to not let things get boring.

But still on top of that, its so important to have some ME time! Whether it be an hour or a whole day, we all need time to chill out, we need to rest our body and mind. Too much routine and socialising isn't always good for you. We all need to enjoy our own company, and do something we enjoy on our own. That's why i've taken up blogging, I can express myself, talk about the things I love, while chilling out in my bedroom not having to worry about anything else. I even have my ME time organised, every wednesday and sunday night is my time.

I find since I redecorated and organised my room I love to spend time in here, I'm surrounded by everything powder blue (my favourite colour), floral prints, pillows and blankets, photographs, candles and momentos. Where else would I want to relax than in a place where I can see my family and friends in photo frames. I have my three role models in life watching over me from my mirror, and the beautiful smell of Garden Sweet Pea circulating my room.

Make sure your giving yourself some time, each week, to be yourself.

Roo xx

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