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Meal planning is one of the best ways to make sure you can stay on track. If you have all your meals planned then that way it will stop you from being tempted to sway towards something not so healthy. 

A meal plan can also help you when you go shopping, by knowing exactly what ingredients you need for the week you know to stick to your shopping list and not to pop any naughty things into your trolley.Split your list into the different elements of your meals, fruit &veg, dairy, meats, drinks and anything else your including in your meal plan such as carbs. Always check your cupboards before you go shopping, there will be things you think you need but they may already be there. 
Try and organise your meal plan around what plans you have for the week, if your going out for dinner with friends always plan lighter meals during that day, so you can have something a bit heavier while out with friends.

My meal plan only really changes for evening meal times, every lunch time I have a salad with a different meat or fish each day, depending what I fancy. And most morning I have 3tbsps of Full Fat greek yoghurt, with honey and a sprinkle of dried cranberries, flaked almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. However my snacks do vary, from protein shakes, hummus and pepper sticks, hummus and carrot sticks, chicken drumsticks, chopped fruit, greek yoghurt, or gluten free cereal bars or flapjacks.

The only time I vary my meal plan is my days off, because I have alot more time to prepare my meals.
Give it ago, it will help you achieve results!

Meal diary's are also a good way of staying on track.
I've created my own meal diary, this way I can write down everything I've eaten each day including all my snacks and drinks, and to keep tally of how many glasses of water I'm drinking a day. By doing this I feel like I will be able to stick to my diet better, as if I know I have to write it down I may be less likely to pick bad snacks. As these seem to be my downfall at the minute.

Anyone who wants a copy of my empty meal diary for you to fill in yourself, email me at and i'll send it over to you.

Roo xx

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