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Liz Earle | Naturally Active Skincare

I was never one to care for looking after my skin, hair or nails, but recently I came to the decision if I was putting so much effort into looking after how my body looks, inside and out, then it was about time I started looking after the extras too. 
I've tried a few different skin products over the years from clearasil, simple and garnier products to name a few, and found some a little bit better than others, but some left my skin feeling oily and some seemed to dry my skin out. Unfortunately I have combination skin so trying to find products that balance it out is quite hard.
I'd seen loads of people rave about the Liz Earle products online, but i'd never really looked into it. Until I was shopping in Boots one day and one of the assistants offered to show me an example, just by using the back of my hand. The products smelt amazing, which sold it to me, but they also left my skin fresh, not feeling clogged and clammy like some products do.
That day I purchased the Liz Earle set of 4 products, and I've never looked back. I use the products twice a day and they leave my skin feeling amazing, and touch wood, I haven't had a break out since I started using them. The products also smell amazing, eucalyptus is my fav smell, so relaxing and calming aswell. Such a perfect product for all of us gym goers, whose skin cant quite decide what it's doing, dry from the air conditioning in the gym, to oily from all the sweat. And my make up goes on nice and smoothly after. Bonus!

Roo xx

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