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I can completely understand that someone who has never written a blog before may question why we write blogs, what made us start blogging, and what we gain from it. For us, blogging is a hobby, it's a way for us to express ourselves in a different way, its a chance for us to share what we are interested in with other people who are interested in the same thing. So I've took the opportunity to get some bloggers together and ask them what blogging is to them, so other people can see that we aren't all slightly crazy.

My blog features many different aspects of  Diets & Fitness, it includes factors i've used in my weightloss journey, how i've accomplished what I have and some product reviews.
I have lots of different blogs I like to follow include the two belonging to my two best friends (that will feature below). I also like to follow Emily Skye, Paige Hathaway and Amanda Finnie aswell as enjoying having a browse at all the new and upcoming bloggers. I have gained a new found confidence by blogging, I now feel able to share everything with the public without getting embarrassed or scared of what people might say about me. I have had so much support from the start, and it just keeps coming from all of my viewers. It gives you a great buzz to see your page views and followers increase.

My blog features skincare/lifestyle/beauty.

I started blogging after many years of watching youtube videos and reading blogs. My favourite bloggers are Lily Pebbles, Vivianna does make up, Essie Buttons, Girl talk with laura, to name a few. With blogging I have gained that people will take an interest in you, they will want to listen and take an interest in you, they will want to listen and take your advice plus you get to connect with many people and get seriously addicted to products and my advice to anyone dont be nervous of starting your own blog, just do it and post it.

My blog is basically about easy clean and vegan recipes (also the basics of what clean means to me), fitness (workout videos, my tips for busy schedules) and I also want to integrate fair fashion, because I personally think this topic is really important.

I started blogging because more and more people started to ask me what I eat, how I train and stuff like that. After thinking about it for awhile I realised that its actually pretty fun and I love to share my passion with other people. 
I really love blogs like (lives in the same city as me and I love her topics), Kensas, Linn Lowes, but most of the time I'm more interested in fitness accounts on instagram/ blogging connects. Not only with other bloggers but also with people around you. Its such a good feeling when random people come to you and tell you that they like what you do. That's just awesome. (link no longer available)

My blog mainly features fashion post. I share recent purchases and wishlists that are current.  I also share my views on make-up, lifestyle and recent debates.
I started blogging to give me an opportunity to write about things i am passionate about. Entering the blogging world gave me the chance to start fresh where i wasn't know and judged.
I'm really loving Holly White and Sinead Crow at the minute
Whati have gained a huge insight into myself. Who i am and what i believe in. When you blog you notice things you perhaps never had the opportunity to notice. I've also gain confidence to be comfortable in my own skin
My blog features mainly Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle & Personal Thoughts but i also like to do nursing related posts as well.
I started blogging because I moved to the other end of the country where i knew absolutely nobody and hadnt started my new job yet so it started as something to do to fill a little of my time. However, ive always LOVED taking photographs, writing about my opinions and always had a creative side which stemmed from my love for art at school and sixth form. 
 I religiously keep myself up to date with 'inthefrow' from and also Sarah Ashcroft from So much inspiration from both of these girls!! 
Sounds completely cheesy but blogging literally brings me so much happiness.. its a huge hobby and love of mine! I constantly find myself thinking of new posts and getting myself super excited to shoot photographs for my blog. I also feel complete pride when it comes to my blog.. its my own corner of the internet which is growing exactly in the direction i want it too.. and i just love how the amount of people clicking and reading my blog is forever increasing! 

Check all these girls out, and remember everybody is different and anybody can have a hobby.

Roo xx

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