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Morning Workout Hairstyle

Morning workouts are a brilliant way to get you started for the day ahead, however what's not so good is the dilemma of having to rush home, shower, wash your hair, dry it, style it, taking up at least another hour of your day. This tip with help you have a nice fresh tousled look without having to wash your hair, saving you at least 45 minutes. 

All you need is Salt Spray, Dry Shampoo, Bobble, Headband and some grips. 

Salt Spray the whole of your hair, including roots.

Add some dry shampoo to your roots, this acts as a barrier from your sweat.
Scrunch your hair into a messy bun and secure with grips.

Place a head band an inch back from your hairline, this will stop any loose hairs falling onto your face.

Ready to Exercise.
Quick Shower. Claw Clip the top of your hair back, and who would have known you worked out 30 minutes ago??

Roo xx

A Tick Off My Bucket List ...

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

Last week I was offered the chance of a lifetime, and I have made the decision to take it.  A few months ago I came across a newsletter at work, offering colleagues the chance to climb Kilimanjaro, when I applied I never actually thought they would choose me! But they did!! The only downfall of this wonderful news is that I need to raise an impressive £3600 for vision aid to take part, the drawing board is out, and I'm currently thinking of lots of different ways to raise the money. Any ideas would be grate let appreciated!!

It was such a tough decision whether I took this opportunity or not! Was I daring enough? Yes of course I am, if I can travel the whole of Jamaica alone, then I can do this. It's a lot of money? Very true, but I have the dedication and commitment to make sure I do what I need to make it. Is this the right time of my life? 100% yes! No house to pay for, no children to look after, this is the time in my life where I have the freedom to do things like this. So after lots of thinking, it's a solid yes!!

What's on your bucket list?

Would you take the chance if you got the opportunity?

Roo xx

Bloggers United | We are all different

I can completely understand that someone who has never written a blog before may question why we write blogs, what made us start blogging, and what we gain from it. For us, blogging is a hobby, it's a way for us to express ourselves in a different way, its a chance for us to share what we are interested in with other people who are interested in the same thing. So I've took the opportunity to get some bloggers together and ask them what blogging is to them, so other people can see that we aren't all slightly crazy.

My blog features many different aspects of  Diets & Fitness, it includes factors i've used in my weightloss journey, how i've accomplished what I have and some product reviews.
I have lots of different blogs I like to follow include the two belonging to my two best friends (that will feature below). I also like to follow Emily Skye, Paige Hathaway and Amanda Finnie aswell as enjoying having a browse at all the new and upcoming bloggers. I have gained a new found confidence by blogging, I now feel able to share everything with the public without getting embarrassed or scared of what people might say about me. I have had so much support from the start, and it just keeps coming from all of my viewers. It gives you a great buzz to see your page views and followers increase.

My blog features skincare/lifestyle/beauty.

I started blogging after many years of watching youtube videos and reading blogs. My favourite bloggers are Lily Pebbles, Vivianna does make up, Essie Buttons, Girl talk with laura, to name a few. With blogging I have gained that people will take an interest in you, they will want to listen and take an interest in you, they will want to listen and take your advice plus you get to connect with many people and get seriously addicted to products and my advice to anyone dont be nervous of starting your own blog, just do it and post it.

My blog is basically about easy clean and vegan recipes (also the basics of what clean means to me), fitness (workout videos, my tips for busy schedules) and I also want to integrate fair fashion, because I personally think this topic is really important.

I started blogging because more and more people started to ask me what I eat, how I train and stuff like that. After thinking about it for awhile I realised that its actually pretty fun and I love to share my passion with other people. 
I really love blogs like (lives in the same city as me and I love her topics), Kensas, Linn Lowes, but most of the time I'm more interested in fitness accounts on instagram/ blogging connects. Not only with other bloggers but also with people around you. Its such a good feeling when random people come to you and tell you that they like what you do. That's just awesome. (link no longer available)

My blog mainly features fashion post. I share recent purchases and wishlists that are current.  I also share my views on make-up, lifestyle and recent debates.
I started blogging to give me an opportunity to write about things i am passionate about. Entering the blogging world gave me the chance to start fresh where i wasn't know and judged.
I'm really loving Holly White and Sinead Crow at the minute
Whati have gained a huge insight into myself. Who i am and what i believe in. When you blog you notice things you perhaps never had the opportunity to notice. I've also gain confidence to be comfortable in my own skin
My blog features mainly Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle & Personal Thoughts but i also like to do nursing related posts as well.
I started blogging because I moved to the other end of the country where i knew absolutely nobody and hadnt started my new job yet so it started as something to do to fill a little of my time. However, ive always LOVED taking photographs, writing about my opinions and always had a creative side which stemmed from my love for art at school and sixth form. 
 I religiously keep myself up to date with 'inthefrow' from and also Sarah Ashcroft from So much inspiration from both of these girls!! 
Sounds completely cheesy but blogging literally brings me so much happiness.. its a huge hobby and love of mine! I constantly find myself thinking of new posts and getting myself super excited to shoot photographs for my blog. I also feel complete pride when it comes to my blog.. its my own corner of the internet which is growing exactly in the direction i want it too.. and i just love how the amount of people clicking and reading my blog is forever increasing! 

Check all these girls out, and remember everybody is different and anybody can have a hobby.

Roo xx

Liz Earle | Naturally Active Skincare

I was never one to care for looking after my skin, hair or nails, but recently I came to the decision if I was putting so much effort into looking after how my body looks, inside and out, then it was about time I started looking after the extras too. 
I've tried a few different skin products over the years from clearasil, simple and garnier products to name a few, and found some a little bit better than others, but some left my skin feeling oily and some seemed to dry my skin out. Unfortunately I have combination skin so trying to find products that balance it out is quite hard.
I'd seen loads of people rave about the Liz Earle products online, but i'd never really looked into it. Until I was shopping in Boots one day and one of the assistants offered to show me an example, just by using the back of my hand. The products smelt amazing, which sold it to me, but they also left my skin fresh, not feeling clogged and clammy like some products do.
That day I purchased the Liz Earle set of 4 products, and I've never looked back. I use the products twice a day and they leave my skin feeling amazing, and touch wood, I haven't had a break out since I started using them. The products also smell amazing, eucalyptus is my fav smell, so relaxing and calming aswell. Such a perfect product for all of us gym goers, whose skin cant quite decide what it's doing, dry from the air conditioning in the gym, to oily from all the sweat. And my make up goes on nice and smoothly after. Bonus!

Roo xx

Taste of Teesdale Festival

So today Raby Castle hosted the 'Taste of Teesdale Festival', including over 40 stalls of the regions best artisan food, drinks and crafts. To me, this is heaven. Its the perfect opportunity to sample the products your going to buy and speak to the owners and producers about their products. There was such a large range of items available, from honeys and sauces to smoked fish and cupcakes. I walked up and down the stalls several times just to make sure I didn't miss anything. There was so much I could have bought but I tried to curb my spending a little bit. The only downfall with fresh produce, is that the best before dates aren't great so I didn't want to purchase items that wouldn't have got eaten or used.

I was over the moon to find this stall, provided by Cafe Nobia. 'The best of Africa with a touch of English'. This stall reminded me of my time back in Jamaica, I purchased a Chicken Curry Pocket which was so similar to the patties I used to eat in Jamaica. The lady was also selling curried goat, my all time favourite jamaican dish, however I didn't purchase. Only because I found that Cafe Nobia has opened a cafe in Middlebrough so I will definitely be visting in the future to dig into some curried goat. Follow Nobia at

There are two things I love in life, chocolate and coffee. So when I happened to land upon a stall that sold Dark Chocolate Coffee Thins, it was a must that I sampled and purchased them. The sample lived up to my expectations. This stuff tastes unreal, so much so that I daren't open the packet because I know I wont be able to stop myself from eating them all. I also tried a sample of their Raspberry Gin Chocolate, these too were beautiful. The lady on this stall was really friendly and gave me this 15% off voucher, to use online. Head over to and get your hands on some goodies for yourselves or a gift for a loved one. 

Funny thing was when I actually found this stall, I realised I hadn't brought enough cash with me to the event, and unfortunately there was no way of me getting cash out of my bank account. So I ended up having to the lend some money off my bin man, who happened to be at the festival, just to be able to get these chocolates, and they are well worth the effort. A bit of a memorable event.

Wow. Anybody who says salads are boring. need to give wheatberry a visit. Im a huge fan of food, even more so when it looks damn good. There's nothing more enjoyable that sitting down to food that looks just as good as it tastes. Im hoping this salad tastes as good as it looks, as I bought this for my lunch tomorrow.

 This wasn't actually part of the food festival, its actually available all the time at Raby Castle. I got really excited when I saw there was raspberry & redcurrants growing in the gardens, and really enjoyed getting to pick the fresh fruits. I added a few of the picked raspberries to my water, and kindly got rid of the redcurrants, they were beautiful to look at but a little to sore for my tastebuds. Its a great feeling being able to see where your fruit actually comes from, and yes I did was the fruits before trying them,

How cute is this bicycle coffee cart! This was a must! I had missed out on my normal morning coffee so was already in need of my caffeine hit for the day. A double cappuccino was made up right in front of me, you could see the roasted beans that were being used, and a range of different syrups were available too. It may have taken a little longer than a standard coffee shop, but the effort was appreciated! 

Enjoy your read :)

Roo xx

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